My father, mentor, and friend:
Prof. Dr. Ing. Hassan H. El-adaway

I dedicate every single positive thing that I may have attained or will attain to merciful GOD as well as my beloved parents who have been the most attentive and caring with a great sustainable long-term vision. In fact, I am forever indebted to my father, Prof. Dr. Ing. Hassan H. El-adaway, who had taught generations with solid unyielding dedication for over 60 years. The love, respect, and appreciation that all his previous students have been holding for him to-date is not only the true reward he has earned but also serve as the real motivation and inspiration for myself.

Further, I would have never been where I am today without the support, guidance, insight, and mentorship of many great individuals who I have been gifted and/or lucky enough to know and interact with at the professional and personal levels. I will not provide a long list of names so as not to miss anyone especially that these top-caliber people only help because of their unique kind nature of giving back to community. To this end, I am and will always be grateful to each and every one of them.

I am also very much thankful and appreciative for the natural and/or man-made challenges that I have encountered because they all happened for good reasons as days proved afterwards and eventually taught me that things only unfold for the best.