Over the past few years, the research and teaching activities of Dr. El-adaway have supported collaborative opportunities with various professionals. The list includes:

Graduate PhD Students

Ahmed Shiha(incoming)
Mariam Elazhary(incoming)
Bahaa Chammout(current)
Fareed Salih(current)
Radwa Eissa(current)
Tamima Elbashbishy(current)
Ramy Khalef(current)
Muaz Ahmed(current)
Mohamad Abdul Nabi(current)
Gasser Ali(alumni)
Amr Elsayegh(alumni)
Rayan Assaad(alumni)
Ibrahim Abotaleb(alumni)
Mohamed Eid(alumni)
Eric Vechan(alumni)
Mehmet Boz(alumni)
Herbert Barber(alumni)

Graduate MSc Students

Seif Eteifa(alumni)
Noor Akroush(alumni)
Muaz Ahmed(alumni)
Mark Ogburn(alumni)
Philip LaBarre(alumni)
Sharareh Kermanshachi(alumni)

Undergraduate NSF Research Scholar

William Lieser(current)
Aubrie Caldwell(alumni)

Undergraduate and Graduate In-Class Researchers

Missouri University of Science and Technology – Emily Echelle, Jeremey Humphreys, Kelsey Buford, Kyle Govro, John Watson, Cabot Howell, Niame Keta, Emily Echele, Kyle Govro, John Watson, Louis Garza, Samuel Tichy, Jacob Girse, Troy Kahle, Cassandra Funke, Martin Vaupel, Jackson Eberle, Zachary Hawkins, Ross Sparrow, Dustin Caranci, Jackson Eberle, Zachary Hawkins, and Ross Sparrow.

University of Tennessee in Knoxville – Lauren Netherton, Samuel May, Jonathan Vest, Dana Alexander, Roderick Mohler, Jesse Sheffler, Hayley Fuller, and Cristian Orozco.

Mississippi State University – Matthew Parker, Tyler Henderson, Christopher Salvo, Robert Bingham, Patrick Clark, Taylor Tidwell, Kyle Cody, Sara Fast, Gene Spencer, David Bond, Dustin Cushman, Timothy Stiefell, Abbey Burnett, Austin Holder, Ben Bennett, Brian Little, Chris Newton, Chris Ratzlaff, Cole Walker, David Morrow, Durham Jordan, Jeremy Kelly, Jonathan Horton, Jordan Perry, Kaila Pope, Mark Simpson, Michael Weldon, Mike Thomas, Patrick McManus, Ryan Doler, Ryan Monk, Sangwook Lee, Taylor Logan, Terrance Richardson, and Wesley Rayner.

Team Photos

Social Gathering for Thanksgiving - November 2022

Gasser Ali defended his dissertation - November 2022

Group photo after Gasser Ali's Defence - November 2022

Gasser Ali received the College of Engineering and Computing Dean's PhD Scholar Award - May 2022

Social Gathering for the visit of team's alumni Dr. Amr Elsayegh, Rolla, Missouri - May 2022

Social Gathering, Rolla, Missouri - April 2022

Construction Research Congress (CRC), Arlington, Virginia. Even though Dr. El-adaway was not able to attend, the team was well presented with four papers - March 2022

Visit of Dr. Dennis Truax, the 2022 President of The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Rolla, Missouri - October 2021

Social Gathering for the visit of team's alumni Dr. Mohamed Eid, Rolla, Missouri - September 2021

Social Gathering for the Graduation of Dr. Amr Elsayegh, Rolla, Missouri - August 2021

Social Gathering for the Graduation of Dr. Rayan Assaad, Rolla, Missouri - May 2021

Rayan Assaad received the College of Engineering and Computing Dean's PhD Scholar Award - April 2020

Construction Research Congress (CRC), Pheonix, Arizona. The team presented six papers - March 2020