Constitution of the Fencing Club   (Effective May 1996)

    Article I:  Name

    Section 1:  The name of the organization is the "Fencing Club"
                hereafter referred to as the "club".

    Article II:  Goals

    Section 1:  The organization also intends to bring the rich history
                of the French martial art of fencing to UMR.

    Section 2:  Additionally, the club will attempt to have a positive
                influence on both the campus and the community.

    Section 3:  The purpose of the organization is to represent UMR at
                fencing compitions on the national level.

    Article III:  Membership

    Section 1:  Any UMR student may be a member.

    Section 2:  In order to join, a person must notify the president of
                his/her intention and pay the dues. A person is then
                officially a member upon attending a practice.

    Section 3:  A member may be dropped by a two-thirds vote of all
                members for abusive behavior.

    Article IV:  Officers

    Section 1:  The officers will consist of a Captain, a Armourer, a
                Secretary and a Treasurer.

    Section 2:  All officers serve from the second meeting of the
                academic year to the second meeting of the following

    Section 4:  An officer must be enrolled in six hours in the
                semester(s) they will be in elected position, and a 2.0
                GPA in the prior term to being elected as per
                University Regulations.

    Section 5:  Any member may nominate any member for any position.
                Nominations must be made at the first meeting of the
                academic year.  Elections will be held at the second

    Section 5.5:  Officer assumes position upon being elected.

    Section 6:  One vote will be held for each office. Every member not
                running for that office may vote. Each officer will be
                elected by a simple plurality vote:  The candidate
                getting the most votes for each office is elected.

    Section 7:  a) The Captain organizes meetings and practices. He/She
                also collects information concerning competitions. The
                Captain prepares for the team's trips.

                b) The Armourer maintains equipment and orders new
                equipment.  He/She also loans protective equipment to
                members who don't have their own.

                c) The Secretary keeps all club records. He/She will
                take attendance at every meeting.

                d) The Treasurer prepares the club budget. He/She
                provides receipts for purchased equipment and deals
                with Student Council's External Funding Committee.

    Section 8:  An Executive Committee will be formed from all officers
                to oversee the operation of the club and represent it's
                presence here at UMR accordingly.

    Section 9:  A vacancy in an officer position is filled by an
                election at the following regular meeting. Any member
                may run.

    Section 10:  Impeachment proceedings must be initiated at a
                meeting. A vote of all members will be taken at the
                next meeting.  Impeachment requires a two-thirds vote
                of all members.

    Article V:  Advisor

    Section 1:  The Club will elect an advisor. All members may vote,
                advisors are elected by simple plurality.

    Section 2:  The advisor will serve a one academic year term.

    Article VI:  Meetings

    Section 1:  The Captain will construct a calendar of meetings
                between the second and third meetings.

    Section 2:  A regular meeting is one that is defined by the
                calendar of meetings.

    Section 3:  A special meeting may be called by the Captain or by
                ten percent of the club's membership. Anything
                requiring a quorum may not be a reason for a special
                meeting. All meetings requiring a quorum must be
                standard, regular meetings on the calendar.

    Section 4:  All members must be informed of a special meeting at
                least three days in advance. This will be done by
                telephone and e-mail from the president, or a person in
                the ten percent, calling the special meeting.

    Section 5:  A quorum is fifty-percent of the membership.

    Section 6:  Robert's Rules Newly Revised will serve as the
                parliamentary authority.

    Article VII:  Constitutional Amendments

    Section 1:  Any member may propose a Constitutional amendment.

    Section 2:  A proposed Constitutional amendment must be typewritten
                with all additions in italics and deletions in

    Section 3:  All members must be notified of a proposed
                Constitutional amendment at least one week in advance.

    Section 4:  A Constitutional amendment may only be voted on at a
                regular meeting.

    Section 5:  A Constitutional amendment is approved by a two-thirds
                vote of all members.

    Section 6:  An approved Constitutional amendment is subject to
                final adoption by Academic Council or their appointed

    Article VIII:  Bylaws

    Section 1:  The club will maintain bylaws to deal with specifi

    Section 2:  Any member may propose a change in the bylaws.

    Section 3:  All members must be notified of a proposed bylaw change
                at least one week in advance.

    Section 4:  A bylaw change may only be voted on at a regular

    Section 5:  A bylaw change is approved by a two-thirds vote of the
                members present.

    Section 6:  In case of an impeachment proceeding, all members and
                officers (including the impeachment candidate) will be
                given two weeks notice to the regular meeting where the
                actual vote will take place.

    Section 7:  During an impeachment proceeding, each member is given
                5 minutes (optional) to speak for or against the
                impeachment of the candidate. This includes the

    Article IX:  Definitions

    academic year:     The period of time from the first day of classes
                       Fall semester to the last day of finals week the
                       immediately succeeding Winter semester.

    member:            Any person who has expressed interest in the
                       organization to the Captain, has paid dues, and
                       has attended one meeting.

    UMR:               The University of Missouri-Rolla.

    student:           Anyone who is currently enrolled in classes at

    abusive behavior:  offensive or destructive actions that may result
                       in harm to club equipment, club members, or
                       anything/anyone else as judged by the executive