Drag down the menu under
Reagents or Samples
to set the contents of the dropper bottle

Click on a test tube to select it for:
Delivery from the Dropper
Withdrawal of liquid by Decant
Receiving liquid from Decant Dropper
Discard of all of its contents

Click on the dropper bottle to
place the dropper above the
selected tube

Click on Centrifuge to
centrifuge ALL tubes

Click on Heat to
heat ALL tubes

Click on Discard to
empty and clean the
selected tube

Click on Discard All
to empty and clean
ALL tubes

Click on the Stirring Rod
to test the selected tube
with litmus paper

Click on Decant to transfer the
liquid in the selected tube
to the decant dropper

When the decant dropper is visible:
Click on the Waste Bottle
to empty the decant dropper
Click on a tube to
receive the liquid from the
decant dropper