Tombstones for Scientists
(originated by John Hubisz, North Carolina State)

Here lies Isaac Newton - A body at rest tends to stay at rest.

Here lies Euclid - or at least his elements.

Here lies Heisenberg - maybe.  If we indeed know precisely where
      he was, we would not know where he is going.

Here lies Fermat - There isn't room enough for a proper epitaph.

Here lies Clausius - maximizing his entropy.

Here lies Albert Einstein - but his rest mass keeps decreasing.

Here lies Erwin Schrodinger - but without opening the casket, we can't be
      sure he's dead.

Here lies J. Willard Gibbs - undergoing a phase change.

Here lies Amedeo Avogadro - damn those moles!

Here lies Antoine Lavoisier - he should have stuck to Chemistry,
      but lost his head over taxes.

Here lies Pierre Curie - don't worry, it's a reflected glow.

Here lies Niels Bohr - now in the ground state.

Here lies Irving Langmuir - no longer a Surface Chemist.

John Hubisz has provided a few more that others have sent to him:

Here lies Alessandro Volta - well grounded at last.  Prue Schran

Here lies Hans Bethe - He is now undergoing Be-tay decay.  Jim Kernohan

Here the body of Ettore Majorana does not lie - his mass is
missing.  Gerald Zani

Here lies Pauli - Room for one more.  Paul Nord
Here lies Pauli - Spinning in his grave.  Andy Gavrin
Here lies Pauli - he can only be in one grave at a time.  Aaron Titus

Not Quite Scientists

Here lies Beethoven - he's "decomposing".

Here lies a lawyer and an honest man - two people are buried here.

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