M.S. Students


Matthew Klegseth

Graduated in Summer Semester 2019


Clayton A. Fritsche

Unmanned Aerial and Traversing Vehicle - a Mobile Platform for Bridge Inspections

Graduated in Spring Semester 2019


J. Alexander Cain

Damage Detection Through Acoustic Emission of Fracture Process in Concrete Masonry Units

Graduated in Summer Semester 2015


Wesley James Bevans

Graduated in Winter Semester 2013 (changed to non-thesis)


Fujian Tang (jointly advised with Dr. Richard Brow from Material Science and Engineering Department)

Corrosion Resistance of Enamel Coating Modified by Calcium Silicate and Sand Particle for Steel Reinforcement in Concrete

Graduated in Winter Semester 2014


Laura Rathe

Behavior of Staged Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Sheets for Improved Ductility

Graduated in Fall Semester 2011


Iana Muchaidze

Installation and Performance Evaluation of Coaxial Cable Sensors for Crack and Corrosion Detection

Graduated in Fall Semester 2010


Ravi Mullapudi

Nonlinear Finite Element Formulation of the Soil Structure Interaction through Two Parameter Foundation Model

Graduated in Winter Semester 2010


Kazi Karim

An Integrated Damping and Strengthening Strategy for Performance-Based Seismic Design and Retrofit of Highway Bridges.

Graduated in Winter Semester 2009


Brian H. Wood

Experimental Validation of an Integrated FRP-Viscoelastic Hardening, Damping, and Wave-Modulating System for Blast Resistance Enhancement of Reinforced Concrete Columns

Graduated in Summer Semester 2008


Mei Wang

Electromagnetic Modeling of Distributed Coaxial Cable Crack Sensors in Reinforced Concrete Members

Graduated in Winter Semester 2008


Michael Brower

Implementation Issues of Distributed Coaxial Cable Crack Sensors Embedded in Reinforced Concrete Members

Graduate in Fall Semester 2007


Lori Kindervater

Behavior of Granular Particles under Horizontal Dynamic Loading

Graduated in Winter Semester 2007


Christopher Courtright

Strut Failure Investigation of Paseo Suspension Bridge in Kansas City, MO

Graduated in Winter Semester 2005


Ryan McDaniel

Characterization and Implementation of Distributed Coaxial Cable Crack Sensors for Embedment in Reinforced Concrete Structural Members.

Graduated in Fall Semester 2004


Stephen Eads

Behavior and Fatigue Properties of Metallic Dampers for Seismic Retrofit of Highway Bridges

Graduated in Fall Semester 2004


Matthew Gebhardt

Development and Implementation of Active Structural Control of a Three-Story Building with Piezoelectric Actuators in Bending Mode

Graduated in Fall Semester 2003


Derek Smith

Effects of Piezoelectric Wedge Actuators on the Effectiveness of Tuned Mass Dampers Used in Structural Applications

Graduated in Winter Semester 2003


Gabriel T. Garrett

Design, Fabrication and Characterization of a Prototype Piezoelectric Friction Damper

Graduated in Winter Semester 2002


Pamela Thebeau

Seismic Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment of Four Bridges on Emergency Vehicle Access Route US HWY60

Graduated in Summer Semester 2001


Eric R. Bothe

Experimental Studies on Seismic Behavior of Metallic Dampers for Bridge Applications

Graduated in Summer Semester 2000