The festival of Diwali is a five-day Hindu festival in India. Diwali, derived from the Sanskrit word 'Deepavali', when translated, means an "array of lighted lamps", and indeed illumination forms its main attraction. Every home is alit with the orange glow of twinkling diyas-small earthen lamps-to welcome Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
Also referred to as the 'Festival of Lights', Diwali is among one of India's most important festivals. It symbolizes victory of good over evil, and the dispelling of spiritual darkness. Legend has it that the first 'Deepavali' was held to celebrate the return of Rama, King of Ayodhya, along with his wife Sita, and brother Lakshmana, after a war in which he killed the demon Ravana. Rama's subjects lit lamps in their houses to celebrate the event, and it is this happiness of the Ayodhyites that is reflected even today in our celebrations.
Permeating through all sections of people in India, Diwali's spirit and fervor touches every one. Prayers are offered, gifts and greetings exchanged, and sweets and other delicacies prepared. Diwali is also the time for fun, firecrackers and revelry, particularly among the youth.
'Diwali' at UMR
Certainly one of the biggest events on campus, Diwali is attended by about a 1000 people from in and around Rolla each year. Students and families come in large numbers to enjoy the free event.
At UMR, the event consists of an organized cultural show, and a fashion show, with the objective of showcasing India's rich cultural heritage and diversity. The various presentations depict the diverse traditional dances, ethnic costumes, and numerous other cultural aspects of India-both old and modern. In addition, the guests get an opportunity to enjoy ethnic Indian cuisine, also prepared by the Indian students on campus.
The India Association-UMR would like to call upon you to support us in this endeavor. The Rolla community has been supporting this event by attending it in large numbers. We are sure that the event will also prove to be an ideal opportunity for you to reach the Rolla community through at-large advertisement.
Date: November 13th, 2005
Time: 5:00 PM
Venue: Leach Theater