Physics Colloquium

Fall 2013

Thursdays 4:00 p.m., Room 104 Physics
Refreshments served at 3:40 p.m.
  Colloquium organizer: Ulrich Jentschura
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Green - open date
Yellow - tentative (reserved)
Red - firm commitment

Date Host Speaker Title of the talk Abstract
Aug. 22 No Colloquium No Colloquium No Colloquium No Colloquium
Aug. 29 Jentschura
Justin Peatross
[Brigham Young]
An Electron and its Wave Function Fundamental Properties of the electron wave function square and its probabilistic
interpretation (Bohm, de Broglie) as opposed to the charge density
Sep. 5 Wilemski
Barbara Wyslouzil
Ohio State
Freezing of Nanodroplets A discussion of the freezing of nanodroplets in water vs. alkanes, notably,
small angle x-ray and neutron scattering in the study of vapor phase nucleation.
Sep. 12 [No Colloquium]
[No Colloquium]
[Title] [TBA]
Sep. 19 Madison
Bruno deHarak
Illinois Wesleyan
An electron, an atom, and a photon The talk is focused on laser-assisted electron-atom scattering (LAES) experiments:
An electron scatters from a target in an additional strong electromagnetic field.
Sep. 26 Jentschura
Rainer Dick
[U Saskatchewan]
Higgs Portal Dark Matter The speaker will discuss dark matter models with a non-gravitational interaction
between dark matter and ordinary particles by Higgs exchange (Higgs "portal").
Oct. 3 Jentschura
Gordon Drake
[U Windsor]
Shining Atomic Light on Halo Nuclei Halo nuclei (with extra planetary neutrons surrounding a core) are studied based on
the theory and experiment for high-precision laser measurements of atomic transitions.
Oct. 10 Jentschura
Martin Bohner
[M S&T]
Dynamic Equations on Time Scales:
Laplace and Z-Transform
The method of time scales [by the way: largely invented by the speaker (source:UDJ)],
applied to the unification of the discrete and continuous Laplace and Z-transform.
Oct. 18 Hale
Don Reago
Aspects of Night Vision
[Homecoming Speaker]
Recent advances in the understanding of night vision will be discussed, i.e.,
sensing techniques that permit imaging in the absence, or near absence, of visible light.
Oct. 24 Vojta
R. Bhatt
[Princeton University]
The fascinating world of
electrons in flatland
The integer quantized Hall effect (IQHE) and its fractional counterpart (FQHE) were
found in the two-dimensional electron systems, in perpendicular magnetic fields. What else...?
Oct. 31 Wilemski
V. Molinero
[University of Utah]
[Title] [Abstract]
Nov. 7 No Colloquium
[Title] [Abstract]
Nov. 14 Yamilov
C. J. K. Richardson
[U of Maryland]
Metamorphic materials
for optoelectronic applications
Surprising favorable physical properties of high-quality single crystal films which
are not lattice matched to the substrates on which they are grown, will be discussed.
Nov. 21 Vojta
Steven Rolston
[U of Maryland]
[Title] [Abstract]
Nov. 28 Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Dec. 5 Schaerer Prize
Graduate Students
[M S&T]
Research at M S&T [TBA]

Classwork begins on August 19, 2013
Last class is December 6, 2013
Thanksgiving vacation begins on November 24 and ends on December 2, 2013

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