Group Members

Postdoctoral Associates

Avishek Banik

Epitaxial Electrodeposition/Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Graduate Students

Bin Luo Epitaxial Electrodeposition
John Tubbesing

Chiral Crystallization
Xiaoting Zhang Epitaxial Electrodeposition

Undergraduate Students

Christine Clauson Chiral Crystallization/Spin Coating
Isaiah Robertson Chiral Crystallization

The Boss

Jay Switzer Inorganic Materials Chemistry/Electrochemistry

Group 2019 - Eric, Bin, Avishek, JD, Chrissie, Jay, John

Group 2018 - Chen, Meagan, Caleb, Jay, John, Naveen (who just defended his Ph.D.)

Group 2016 - Megan, Caleb, Naveen, Chen, Jakub, Allen, Alex, Seth, Jay

Group 2015 - Chen, Allen, James, Caleb, Alan, Jay, Ashley, Naveen, Caleb, Megan, Jakub, Sanaz

Group 2012 - Naveen, Zhen, Jay, Jakub, Sanaz, Kyle, and Allen

Group 2009 - minus Samantha

Group 2008 - minus Beth Kulp (see next photo) and Alan Windhausen

Group 2006

Beth Kulp - April 17, 2009 - looking pretty happy after defending her Ph.D

Rakesh - looking hot in front of XRD

Sansanee - with SEM

Niharika - enjoying her electrochemistry

Guojun and PPMS

Sansanee climbing out of CARY 5

Zhen He and potentiostats


Switzer trying to look like a professor

Switzer in the "local" mountains


Rocky - our newest member