Here is a link to a brief history of the Rolla Building.

Old Pictures

The Rolla Building and the Old (but brand new at the time) Chemistry Laboratory, 1885. Note all the open space!

The Rolla Building circa 1900. Notice the different styles on the dormers on the third floor windows and the covered "porch" on the cupola.

Rear view of the Rolla Building. Another good view of the window treatments.

An old postcard showing the Rolla Building in the early 1900s. (Courtesy of Marvin Patton)

A drawing class in the southwest corner of the first floor, around 1900. All the students are wearing three-piece suits!

The MSM Library in the southwest part of the second floor, before 1904. I wish we could find some of those bookcases and the antlers.

Equipment in the third floor physical laboratory, south side, early 1900s. The wall runs right into the middle of a window; after the renovation, that window and one like it on the north side is in a vestibule shared by two offices.

The east side of the Rolla Building with the Mechanial Engineering Building in the background, 1950s.

Aerial view of the campus in 1960. The Rolla Building (next to the smokestack) has no cupola, and the University Center West (now razed) is just beginning to be built.

New Pictures

The southwest entrance was changed to provide ground-level access. An elevator was installed which is accessible just inside the entrance.

The exterior was changed very little, except for the southwest door. The southeast door, lower right, is essentially as it always was.

Compare this view with the old picture of the north side.

This old lamp was on the southeast corner, but has been moved to the southwest corner and works again.

The door to the Mathematics and Statistics Department Office on the second floor.

The main office reception area.

The big classroom on the ground floor, northeast corner. Part of the renovation raised the first floor about a foot and a half and deepened the basemant to provide sufficient headroom for the ground floor.

My office on the third floor. All the department faculty now have windows in their offices, whereas only a few had them before, and the offices are larger.