Column Module
  • The column calculations can be performed for five column formulas
    • the Euler buckling formula,
    • the AISC Allowable Stress Design formula,
    • the Aluminum Association formula for 2014-T6 aluminum
    • the Aluminum Association formula for 2014-T6 aluminum, and
    • the AF&PA NDS formula for wood columns.
  • Two elevation views (i.e., strong-axis buckling and weak-axis buckling) along with the corresponding cross-section views are shown for each column.
  • Any column end restraint (i.e., pinned, fixed, free, guided) can be selected for either column buckling direction.
  • The user can also add an intermediate support in either direction that can be positioned at any location between the two end restraints.
  • The critical buckling load and stress is computed and the buckled shape is shown for the column buckling direction that controls.
  • A plot of critical stress versus slenderness ratio is shown and the results of the two buckling directions are shown on the overall plot.
  • Optionally, the user may define the material yield stress and/or proportional limit so that the applicability of Euler buckling may be assessed.

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  • Column design using standard steel, aluminum, and wood design equations can be used.

Column Design

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