Section Properties Module

  • Users can select from 19 different generic shapes. The shape is drawn to scale showing the centroidal axes, and where applicable, the principal axes.
  • General shapes include I-, T-, C-, L-, Z-, box, solid circle, pipe, and rectangular shapes.
  • Double shapes include double I-, T, C-, and L-shapes.
  • Either US or SI units can be utilized.
  • The elastic modulus of the shape can be entered directly or the user can select from a list of common materials. For example, the user could simply click on "Aluminum 2014-T6" and the software will retrieve a value of 73 GPa for the elastic modulus.
  • Buttons on the display form allow the user to rotate the shape to the desired orientation. For example, a T-shape can be rotated so that the stem of the tee points upward. This feature permits users to exactly match the orientation of the particular problem that is being solved.

Properties General Flanged

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  • A number of section properties are calculated pertaining to both the horizontal and vertical centroidal axes, including:
    • the centroidal location,
    • the moment of inertia (i.e., the second moment of area),
    • the section modulus,
    • the radius of gyration,
    • the plastic modulus,
    • the polar moment of inertia, and
    • the maximum and minimum moments of inertia.
  • The user can obtain additional details about the exact process used to calculate:
    • the centroid location,
    • the moment of inertia,
    • the product of inertia, and
    • the plastic modulus.

Properties General Flanged

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  • Section properties can also be computed for cross sections that consist of two different materials. Materials can be selected and assigned to the desired portions of the cross-sections.
  • For cross sections consisting of two materials, transformed area method results are presented for both possible transformations.

Properties General Flanged

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  • Dimensions and selected properties for the complete American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) database of standard steel shapes is available in both US Customary and Metric designations. Properties are available for:
    • W, M, S, and HP flanged shapes,
    • C and MC channel shapes,
    • WT, MT, and ST tee shapes,
    • L angle shapes,
    • 2L double angle shapes,
    • square and rectangular hollow structural sections (HSS), and
    • round HSS and standard pipes.
  • Dimensions and selected properties for European and British standard flanged, channel, and rectangular hollow structural sections are also available.
  • Selected properties are available for the following European standard steel shapes:
    • HE, HL, HD, IPE, IPN, and HP flanged shapes,
    • UPN, U, and UPE channel shapes, and
    • SHS and RHS hollow structural sections.
  • Selected properties are available for the following British standard steel shapes:
    • UB, UC, J, and UBP flanged shapes,
    • CH and PFC channel shapes, and
    • SHS and RHS hollow structural sections.
  • Values calculated in the Section Properties module are used in the Statically Determinate Beam module, the Flexure module, and the Column module.