As a lecturer teaching structural mechanics to Honours level students, I am so pleased to record my thoughts about MDSolids software here. Most of my course materials are covered by MDSolids either directly or indirectly, hence, I can set-up examples other than those available in textbooks and verify solutions quite easily for different sections of the course materials. MDSolids’ help documents are very useful in following the methodology used in solving a particular problem. The graphical interface is great is visualizing different input values and corresponding output/results. It also helps to understand the impact of changing or modifying input conditions on a structure and the resulting output in a fraction of seconds. Further, the associated animations – they help a huge level for complete understanding of a structural analysis case and visualisation of results.

MDSolids helps me in one other way - in setting up my exam questions. Few years ago, before using MDSolids, when I set up my exam questions, I used to be a bit nervous about the hand written solutions- as using a simple plus or minus sign incorrectly would make the solution incorrect. Now with MDSolids, I feel like I have a structural mechanics expert with me all the time and I am confident that the exam solutions are 100% error free. Thanks to Professor Philpot for producing such brilliant software and for making people life easier.

V. Venugopal, PhD
Edinburgh University
Scotland, United Kingdom

I really like your software. I discovered it while teaching at Sheridan College (Brampton, Ontario, Canada) in the Architectural Technology Program. I am an architect working in the Toronto area and I use your software most often to create loading, moment and shear diagrams for calculations. I find it very useful when considering cantilevers. I also like the way that these diagrams can be taken out as bitmaps. The comment that I might provide concerns the truss part of your modules. I am very interested in truss configurations but the math behind them often deters me from any sense of detailed design. For this reason, I like the way that I can get to a place graphically where I can see the axial tension and compression acting on the various members. This is very helpful.

John Boone

With my greatest pleasure I can express to you that the use of MDSolids has been very useful for teaching students in my course of Structures I, especially for three reasons:

  1. The Help Documents and the Animated Learning Tools are very illustrative and entertaining, which facilitates the study and understanding by students.
  2. The 12 modules are easy to use and allow the resolution of several simple cases.
  3. The sign convention and the units used are very comfortable and are used in classic form.

In another sense, I must emphasize that we make use of the 12 modules of the program; however, in particular, the best valued modules are Trusses and Mohr's Circle.

Finally, I want to express my public gratitude to Professor Philpot for their generous assistance in MDSolids authorize the use in undergraduate teaching, a fact that has become apparent since almost 10 years ago for the first time I contacted him and, without even know gave me every facility to access use. I think it's remarkable the degree and valuable contribution he has made in the dissemination of knowledge through the development of educational software.

Pablo Maturana Barahona
Head, Civil Construction School
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile

I was introduced to MDSolids as a Junior in Mechanical Engineering at Youngstown State University. This is a great light engineering package that is easy to use. Not only did I use it during my tenure at the university, I still use it today for routine calculations because of the program's simplicity. In my opinion, this package contains many practical “Deformable Solids Equation Calculations” used by a practicing Mechanical Engineer. Also, the standard shapes section is a real time saver. Thanks again for providing this easy to use package that is full of common place Engineering Calculations. Keep up the good work.

Project Manager: Heavy Equipment Div.

I cannot speak highly enough of the MDSolids software. We have it on a number of computers at my college and the students use it as part of the Mechanical Principles Unit. It is very user friendly and intuitive andencourages students to explore without prompting from the teacher. The teaching materials are also very useful in explaining particular concepts (e.g., load/extension graphs). I would not hesitate to recommend this to other educational establishments.

Steve Farrell
CL HE Engineering
Blackpool and the Fylde College. UK

I love MDSolids. The only modules that I really use are the Centroids Learning Module and the Truss analyzer. The learning game is amazing. Some years I explain it really well—other years not so well, but after the students go through the game a couple of times, they've got it. It also let's me quickly identify the students that are struggling and which ones clearly understand. Great Job! Please continue.

Andy Reagan
Glendale High School
Springfield, MO

I currently teach within a Cooperative Engineering program that includes a course on Statics and I’ve found that MDSolids was invaluable to illustrate concepts in several sections of the course and was essential for the final project that dealt with an engineering and cost design associated with a proposed hypothetical bridge.

MDSolids is a wonderful software package for both statics and strength of design courses, and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

Henry Foust, Ph.D., P.E.
Assistant Professor
Cooperative Engineering, Department of Mathematics
University of St. Thomas
Houston, TX

I am a gantry and portal crane designer and steel calculator for steel manufacturing parts. Sometimes we have limited time to reply to our customer’s requests, we need a trustable and fast calculation program. It must be very simple and very quick. Because modeling takes time and hand calculations can be wrong, MDSolids is my calculator, my teacher, my trustable partner. Sometimes I am checking torsion, sometimes deflection for standard beam parts. I like using it so much.

Zafer Bülent KIZILYAR

I love using MDSolids in my classroom and also as bonus HW so students use it for verifying the answers they get. During the past year, we have started a project titled “ the Mechanics Project here at ASU” where we are integrating the flow of information of the three courses of Statics, Dynamics and deformable solids class. I am using an inverted classroom approach where we spend 25% time in lecture and 75% in recitation with undergraduate TA (UGTA) and faculty working with student groups in solving the problems. The experience has so far been great.

Barzin Mobasher, Ph.D.
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ

I use MDSolids when I teach my Statics and Strength of Materials class in our Mechanical Design Program. I use the Centroid Games and the Moment of Inertia Game. I think it helps the students understand the concept better. I also show them the Determinate Beam section and the Section Properties section, after we have completed learning how to do it with paper pencil and calculator of course.

Dave Johnson
Mechanical Design Instructor
St. Cloud Technical and Community College
St. Cloud, MN

It is a pleasure to write something in support of the MDSolids software. It is a powerful but simple and logical tool to use for teaching Mechanics of Materials, which is my subject area. I have recommended it to all my students and have asked them to buy a copy as it will be a powerful supporting tool in their career as an engineer.

I have included all or part of MDSolids in my all of the topics that I teach and have done so for many years now. The MechMovie has made my life as an educator a lot easier and more productive. I recommend the use of MDsolids to all of those who teach intermediate level theories of mechanics of materials and structures. I am looking forward to testing the new version 4 and hopefully will implement that in what I do as well.

The software is now and integral element in what I do in Design simulation Unit that I deliver at Bournemouth University. I have recommended it to other universities that I have research collaboration with of companies that provide CPD services for.

Professor Siamak Noroozi
Director of Design Simulation Research Centre (DSRC)
School of Design, Engineering and Computing (DEC)
Bournemouth University, UK

The Central University of Technology (CUT) (http://www.cut.ac.za) is based in the central parts of South Africa. We have a relatively small final years group (30 to 40 students) al taking Strength of Materials as a major. To be honest, I base most of my teachings on your software basically because it is such an easy way to check handwritten calculations. MDSolids is user-friendly and very popular amongst our students. I also recommend MDSolids for engineers starting out, mainly because it is such a powerful tool in the work place.

Once you understand the limitations, MDSolids can be "manipulated" to solve more complex problems. For instance – finding the reactions for a build-in beam (not an option in MDSolids), one can design a simply-supported beam and randomly chose values for the counter-acting moments until the slope is zero at each support. This is just an example to indicate how extensively MDSolids forms part of my teachings!

Thank you for allowing me access to your new version and keep up the good work – you are indirectly teaching of South African students the beauty of strength calculations.

J.A. Bothma, Pr Eng.
Head of Department
Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronnics Engineering
Central University of Technology
Bloemfontein, South Africa

My name is Pat Kopf, I teach Statics & Strength of Materials at Kellogg Community College in Battle Creek, Michigan. I use MDSolids every semester in this course at the conclusion of my force analysis of Trusses and Machines unit. The method of joints and sections can get very tedious for many community college students and with some prodding they certainly understand the concepts and often do the calculations correctly; however, because these student are Drafting and Design majors, they absolute love drawing their trusses, putting in the support restrictions, applying loads, and letting the software do the "Analyze" to compute the tension or compression in the members of their truss. Typically they will use the software during a one hour class period where they are asked to solve 4 or 5 trusses. After learning the use of the software, they are given a pretty tough take home test over spring break and they are allowed to use MDSolids to find the solutions, but then they must mathematically support those answers on that test.

Finally, we finish this unit with a spaghetti bridge building competition. They must span 2 ft., with a 5 lb. load at it's center for 5 minutes. The lightest bridge successfully meeting both of these specifications wins the competition and bonus points. The challenge to be the lightest bridge gets several students each semester drawing their trusses in MDSolids and locating their members in tensions and compression and finding magnitudes. It's a fun project and the competitive students almost always turn to using your product.

I am very grateful that you provide the use of your software free to the educational institutions, and I'm pretty sure some of my students purchase the software for $30 at your site each semester and really like studying and working with it. Again, I am very thankful for your generosity.

Pat Kopf
Kellogg Community College

I started using MDSolids in the first period of 2012 to my Statics and Mechanics of Materials classes. Since then, I noticed the increase of interest by the students and better response in the exams. The key concepts were more clearly understood and applied, which brings more efficiency to the learning process and satisfaction for me and my pupils.

Mauricio Oliveira
Salvador, Brazil

I was first introduced to MDSolids at college and found the software to be excellent at the analysis of columns. The layout of everything was well designed and the tutorials to get me started also taught me more about other subjects as well. Thanks for the awesome program!

Mike Boyd

I have made use of your program, particularly the section on Determinate Beams, for a number of years now. I conduct a lot of investigation into the performance of beams under certain loading situations and have found this software to produce accurate and reliable solutions.

Rod Chapman
Durban, South Africa

MDSolids has made a difference to my students whenever I teach a Statics and Strength of Materials course. MDSolids is very easy to use, and allows the students to analyze the impact of changing design parameters in the structure, enhancing in this way the learning experience.

Gonzalo Ferro
ITT Tech-Institute Orange, California