Torsion Module

  • Torsion of circular cross-sections is considered by the MDSolids software. Four different torsion member options are available.
  • The user can define a simple torsion member (i.e., one shaft with one torque). This shaft is shown as a 3-dimensional representation. A grid is superimposed on the shaft to illustrate the twisting produced by a torque.
  • Mohr's circle calculations can be initiated from this torsion option. Standard values for shear moduli are available to the user by simply clicking on the desired material in a drop-down menu.
  • Optionally, an axial force can also be considered in the problem, and if the shaft is a pipe shape, the effects of pressure can be included. This permits problems with combined axial and torsion effects to be considered.

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  • Two torsion options consider power transmission problems. One of these options considers a single shaft connected to a motor while the second option considers a power shaft connected by gears to an idler shaft.
  • The power/idler shaft option also includes an animated motor and gear movement with simulated throttles so that users can observe the effects produced by changing motor power, speed, or gearing ratio.

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  • Each of these three options feature a flexible problem definition format. The user enters the known variables and the software solves for the remaining variables.
  • Extra explanations describe in words the specific procedure that should be used to solve each problem.
  • A fourth torsion option considers a single shaft with multiple torques. This option produces a torque diagram, a shear stress diagram, and a twist angle diagram.

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  • The torsion module also includes two routines pertaining to statically indeterminate torsion assemblies:
    • Torsion of coaxial shafts
    • Torsion of end-to-end shafts

Indeterminate torsion coaxial

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Indeterminate torsion coaxial

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