APEX · Nanosat-10

APEX (Advanced Propulsion Experiment) is apart of the next iteration of the USAF Research Lab's University Nanosat Program, or Nanosat-10. M-SAT joined Nanosat-10 in January of 2016. APEX is to be a 3U satellite that will perform several orbital maneuvers in LEO, demonstrating a new multi-mode propulsion system that is being developed by a professor at Missouri S&T. While MR & MRS SAT are currently in Phase B of the Nanosat program, and thus are technically out of competition, APEX is just starting Phase A and is in direct competition with many other leading universities across the United States.

APEX Timeline

  • University Nanosat 10 Program Kick-off, Albuquerque New Mexico
  • Systems Concept Review
  • Systems Requirements Review
  • Satellite Fabrication Course 101, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Small Satellite Conference 2016, Logan, Utah
  • Program Management Review 1, Logan, Utah
  • Component Design and Selection
  • Brass Level Board Testing
  • Preliminary Design Review
  • Component Testing and Engineering Unit Design
  • Silver Level Board Testing
  • Internal Review
  • Small Satellite Conference 2017, Logan, Utah
  • Program Management Review 2, Logan, Utah
  • Engineering Unit Construction
  • Flight Selection Review, Albuquerque, NM
  • Preliminary Design Review

Dr. Hank Pernicka

APEX Principal Investigator


Lydia Powers

APEX Program Manager


Dylan Clay

APEX Chief Engineer