The Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP) is a part of the NASA Science Mission Directorate intended to challenge US universities to develop their technical and project management skills. The Multi-Mode Mission M3 project will integrate an experimental thruster, being developed by the Missouri S&T Advanced Plasma Lab, into a 3U CubeSat structure in order to get in-flight performance data. The project is working towards its flight ready unit by the summer of 2020.

M³ Timeline

  • M-SAT joins NASA's Undergraduate Student Instrument Project (USIP)
  • Requirements Review
  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • Conceptual Design Review (CDR)
  • Range Readiness Review (RRR)
  • Flight Readiness Review (FRR)
  • Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • Begin Integration
  • Flight Ready

Dr. Hank Pernicka

M³ Principal Investigator


Kelsie Goth

M³ Program Manager


Carson Ripple

M³ Chief Engineer