.: Membership Qualifications

1.     Members in this organization, both men and women, shall consist of three classes, namely: Honorary, Active and Graduate. Members are permanently classified upon their initiation.

2.     Honorary members shall be selected on the basis of successful achievements in mechanical engineering; practicing engineer and full associate or assistant professors of mechanical engineering are eligible. Each chapter may elect two or more honorary members per year; two of these shall be exempt from payment of the national initiation fee.

3.     Active members shall be chosen from students in a mechanical engineering curriculum on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship, and personality and shall be selected from the junior and senior classes, or their equivalent, as defined by the administration of the college of engineering and the department of mechanical engineering.

4.     Graduate members shall be chosen under either of the following situations:

1.     Students who are working toward a graduate degree in mechanical engineering and who obtain written recommendations from two (2) Pi Tau Sigma faculty members. The number eligible per year under this option shall not exceed ten percent of the active membership or two (2) whichever is greater. Graduate students who attended, as undergraduates, schools having a chapter of Pi Tau Sigma and were not selected as active members should not be eligible for membership as graduate members.

2.     Students who would have been eligible had Pi Tau Sigma been established earlier in institutions now having chapters. Such members may be initiated by any other chapter at any time as a courtesy initiation. This graduate shall then be a member of the chapter at the school from which he graduated.

5.     There shall be held during the academic year two elections for the selection of active members, the first not later than December 1, and the second not later than May 1. During any election, the following policy will prevail: the scholarship of the student must place in the "Eligible Group" and the total number of active members must not exceed the percent of the entire class as shown in the "Maximum Active" column:

Eligible Group (Highest)

Maximum Active Members

1st Term Juniors



2nd Term Juniors



1st Term Seniors



2nd Term Seniors

(* see below)


6.      *Three-quarters affirmative vote of the members present is required to elect a candidate to membership.

7.     A last term senior whose scholastic record places him in the highest 35% of his class, and who is deemed worthy, may be Initiated only upon Permission of the National Council. Requests for this Permission, stating the circumstances, shall be signed by the Chapter President and a member of the faculty who is also a member of Pi Tau Sigma, and shall be sent to the National Secretary-Treasurer.

8.     Sufficient Information shall be given on the key-order blanks to allow the National Secretary to fill in the 3 in. x 5 in. record card which is on file for each member at the National Headquarters of Pi Tau Sigma.

.: Pledge Requirements

1.     Prepare membership plaque:

1.     Polish brass key, finish board and mount key on the board; collect signature of members.

2.     The plaque is to be turned in for judging at the plaque signing picnic.

3.     Your plaque MUST be finished to an acceptable level of appearance.

4.     An award will be given to the best looking membership plaque.

2.     Serve on one of the following committees:

1.     Skit Committee

2.     Large Key Polishing Committee

3.     Silver Sliderule Committee

4.     Picnic Committee

3.     Service to the MS&T Mechanical Engineering Department:

1.     Written lab tours

2.     Give Tours of the ME building

3.     ME phonathon (3 hrs. mandatory for ALL pledges)

4.     Pass two quizzes:

1.     Quiz 1: Articles 1-6 of the constitution, and officers

2.     Quiz 2: Remainder of the constitution, Preamble (word-for-word), and the story of Pi Tau Sigma

5.     Participate in the initiation ceremony.

6.     Pay membership fees (this is a one-time charge for your lifetime membership):

1.     Total cost = $60 (national dues: $22, banquet: $17, picnic: $11, brass key: $4, plaque board: $6)

2.     Fees must be paid when plaque material is picked up from Dr. Homan (ME###)

An award will be given to the best pledge of each pledge class.

If a pledge does not fulfill all of the aforementioned requirements, he/she will not become a member of Pi Tau Sigma, and the remainder of his/her fees will be refunded.

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