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Graduate Students

Neila Pederneira

Neila Pederneira

PhD Student
Office: 230 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: MOFs for Drug Delivery

Education: M.S. Chemical Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology, MO, USA 2017
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa 2010

Turki Almaghdi

Turki Almaghdi

PhD Student
Office: 230 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Adsorption-Based Nuclear Waste Remediation

Education: M.S. Chemical Engineering - University of Dayton, Ohio, USA, 2015
B.S. Chemical Engineering, Yanbu Industrial College, Saudi Arabia, 2011

Kyle Newport

Kyle Newport

PhD Student
Office: 222 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Biogas Upgrading

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Missouri S&T, USA, 2020

Ruthra Murugavel

Ruthra Murugavel

PhD Student
Office: 226 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Gas Storage

Education: B.S. Chemical Engineering, Anna University, India, 2019

Peter Aina

Peter Aina

PhD Student
Office: 226 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Indoor Air Quality Control

Education: M.S. Chemistry - Missouri S&T, USA 2021
B.S. Chemistry, Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Nigeria, 2018

Abdullah Moinee

Abdullah Moinee

PhD Student
Office: 230 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Electric Swing Adsorption

Education: M.S. Chemical Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh 2020
B.S. Chemical Engineering, BUET, Bangladesh, 2017

Usman Shareef

Usman Shareef

PhD Student
Office: 230 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Carbon Capture-Utilization

Education: M.S. Chemical Engineering, UTM, Malaysia 2018
B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of the Punjab, Pakistan, 2014

Maxwell Tsipoaka

Maxwell Tsipoaka

PhD Student
Office: 226 Bertelsmeyer Hall
Project: Hydrogen Storage

Education: M.S. Energy Science and Engineering, DGIST, South Korea, 2021
B.S. Petrochemical Engineering, KNUST, Ghana, 2018

Research Scholars and Postdocs

Sam Smith

Dr. Sukanta Mondal

Fall 2022

Sam Smith

Jimmy Moreno

Visiting Scholar
Fall 2022

Undergraduate Students

Sam Smith

Sarah Bogel

Fall 2022

Sam Smith

Joshua Costain

Fall 2022

Sam Smith

Katelynn Timmons

Fall 2022

Alumni - Graduate Students

Khaled Baamran

Khaled Baamran, PhD

PhD Student: Fall 2019 - May 2023
Project: CO2 assisted ethylene production and subsequent ethylene purification: a material development, kinetic assessment, and process performance investigation
Thesis defended: May 2023

Qasim AL-Naddaf

Qasim AL-Naddaf, PhD

PhD Student: Fall 2015 - May 2022
Project: Advanced Materials and Processes for Gas Separation and Storage Applications
Thesis defended: May 2022

Busuyi Adebayo

Busuyi Adebayo, PhD

PhD Student: Fall 2017 - July 2021
Project: Development of Hybrid Materials and Processes for Abatement of VOCs Emissions
Thesis defended: July 2021

Shane Lawson

Shane Lawson, PhD

PhD Student: Fall 2017 - Spring 2021
Project: 3D-Printed Adsorbents for Gas Separations: A Material Development, Kinetic Assessment, and Process Performance Investigation
Thesis defended: March 2021
Donaldson Company, Inc.

Ahmed Al-Mamoori

Ahmed Al-Mamoori, PhD

PhD Student: Spring 2015 - Spring 2020
Project: Development of Novel Materials and Processes for Direct Conversion of CO2 Flue Gas to Chemicals and Fuels
Thesis defended: March 2020
Al-Nahrain University

Anirudh Krishnamurthy

Anirudh Krishnamurthy, PhD

PhD Student: Spring 2015 - Spring 2019
Project: Designing Bifunctional Materials for in-situ Capture and Conversion of Volatile Organic Compounds
Thesis defended: April 2019

Harshul Thakkar

Harshul Thakkar, PhD

PhD Student: Spring 2014 - Spring 2018
Project: Engineering Advanced Adsorbent Materials for CO2 Capture Applications
Thesis defended: November 2017
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Teresa Gelles

Teresa Gelles, MSc

MSc Student: Spring 2017 - Spring 2019
Project: Diffusion Kinetics in Promising Adsorbents for Gas Separation Processes
Thesis defended: May 2019

Mana Al-Mansour

Mana Al-Mansour, MSc

MSc Student: Spring 2016 - Fall 2017
Project: GO-MOF Hybrid Nanomaterials for Methane Storage
Graduated: December 2017

Amit Hajari

Amit Hajari, MSc

MSc Student: Spring 2015 - Spring 2017
Project: Simultaneous Removal of SOx, NOx, and CO2 from Flue Gas Streams
Thesis defended: April 2017


Pavithra Ethi Rajan, MSc

MSc Student: Spring 2015 - Fall 2016
Project: Advanced Buffer Materials for Indoor Air CO2 Control
Thesis defended: December 2016

Alumni - Research Scholars

Dr. Harshul Thakkar

Spring 2018 - Summer 2018

Alumni - Undergraduate Students

Adam Koncki

Spring 2022

Kousha Bahramahi

Fall 2021

Ethan Lowery

Fall 2021

Jason Kostelnick

Spring 2021

Andrew Siemers

Spring 2021 - Summer 2021

Noah Fakeri

Fall 2019

Sam Smith

Spring 2019 - Fall 2019

Andrew Huckla

Fall 2019

Mingcong Zhang

Fall 2019

Connor Griffin

Spring 2019 - Fall 2019

Natalia Legion

Spring 2017 - Spring 2018

John Linck

Spring 2016 - Fall 2016

Timon Abraham

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016

Morgan Hovis

Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

Stephen Eastman

Spring 2015 - Spring 2017

Patrick Brennan

Spring 2015 - Spring 2017