Richard Hall's Research

In graduate school and for the first eight years or so as a professor in Missouri S&T's Psychology department, Richard's research focused on learning strategies - in particular scripted cooperative learning and knowledge maps. In 1996, Richard discovered and fell in love with the World Wide Web, became heavily involved in grant writing, and, in 2001, moved to the Information Science and Technology program. In 2000, The Chronicle of Higher Education published an interview of Richard, as an expert on the web and education. All his work since has focused on the relationship between humans, and web based technologies. In particular, for the last decade or so, Richard's work has focused on the evaluation of web-based learning technologies. Information on this work is available on the Laboratory for Information Technology Evaluation site.

Richard is an author on more than ninety peer-reviewed publications, and has served as an investigator on grants from external agencies totalling more than thirteen million dollars.

Detailed information on the publications and funding are available in Richard's academic vita