Nick Beckmann, P.E.
MS 2002 University of Missouri - Rolla

Thesis Topic: Characterization and Analysis of the West Lost Creek Trail Landslide, Hinsdale County, Colorado, 2002.

Peer Reviewed Articles in Special Publications

Rogers, J. D., and Beckmann, N., 2003, West Lost Creek Trail Sturzstrom: A Composite Landslide, Eds. P. Boyer, P. Rogers, and P. Santi: Engineering Geology in Colorado: Contributions, Trends and Case Histories, Association of Engineering Geologists Special Publication No.15/Colorado Geological Survey Special Publication 55, 20 p.

Presentations at Professional Meetings with Published Abstracts

Rogers, J. D., and Beckmann, N. H., 2003, West Lost Trail Creek Trail Sturzstrom, Program with Abstracts 46th Annual Meeting of the Association of Engineering Geologists, Sept. 2003, pp. 71.

Rogers, J. D., 2003, State-of-the-Practice in Characterization of Landslide Prone Terrain Using Remote Sensing Platforms, Global Positioning Satellites and Geographical Information Systems Technology, Keynote presentation for topical session on "Characterizing Complexity in Geomechanics, Engineering Geology, and Hydrogeology", Abstracts with Program, Annual Meeting Geological Society of America, v. 35:6, Seattle, Nov., 2003, pp. 42.

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