Shahram Taherinia, RG, EIT
M.S. Geological Engineering, Dec 2003
University of Missouri - Rolla

Thesis Topic: Engineering Geologic Site Characterization of Some Major Highway Bridges in Missouri, 2003.

Related Publications and Presentations

Rogers, J. D., Karadeniz, D., Kaibel, C. K., 2007, Seismic Site Response Modeling for Three Missouri River Highway Bridges: Journal of Earthquake Engineering, v. 11, No. 3 (May), pp. 400-424.

Rogers, J. D., 2004, Brief Overview Seismic Threat Posed by the New Madrid Seismic Zone: Geotechnical and Bridge Seismic Design Workshop, sponsored by Natural Hazards Mitigation Institute at the University of Missouri-Rolla, University Transportation Center, Missouri Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, and Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Cape Girardeau, MO on Oct. 28-29, 2004.

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