Upcoming Events

Here is a calendar of when the Blue Sabres
will be performing. If you would like to sign up for one of the following events,

please contact Scott Ruggiero at sabre@umr.edu, or sign up on the sheet in the Cadet Day Room.

Nov 6
Date Event Location Time
Nov 4 Steelville-Veteran's Day Steelville, MO 1400
Nov 9 Veteran's Day-LLAB* McNutt Flag Pole 1530
Nov 10 Wyman Elementary CG* Rolla, MO 1300
Nov 11 Steelville-Veteran's Day Steelville, MO 1400
Nov 18 Graduation Ceremony Springfield, MO 1400
Dec 2 Miss Merry Christmas Pageant* Lebanon, MO 1700
Dec 11 Boy/Girl Scouts Demonstration Bourbon, MO 1530
Dec 30 Sabre Arch for C/Scheele's Wedding St. Charles, MO 1600

* denotes the event has the required number of cadets

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