Old Photographs

For a Rolla High School Football Game, four of our actives provided a Color Guard
during the pre-game. This picture shows the actives during half-time.

Rolla High School Color Guard

The cadets are, from left to right,
C/3rd Matt Moser, C/Capt Nathan Hedden, C/1Lt Ben Seabough, C/Col Joe Fritschen.


Butler-Carlton Civil Engineering Hall was re-dedicated with a joint Air Force
and Army Color Guard. The colors are being presented to the audience in this picture.

Civil Engineering Hall Re-dedication Color Guard

The cadets are hard to see, but C/Capt Nathan Hedden, C/1Lt Ben Seabough,
and C/3rd Matt Moser (the camera-man) were involved.


For the May 2003 UMR Commencement, four of our actives presented the colors
and ushered Commencement attendees.

Commencement Color Guard

The cadets are, from left to right, C/Capt John Reed, C/1Lt James Dean,
C/3rd Class Jonathan Williams, and C/3rd Class William Sutton.


For the 2000 Vet's Day, two of our actives and two of our
trainees were the color guard for a ceremony put on
in Steelville, Missouri.

Steelville Color Guard

The cadets are, from left to right,
trainee C/4th Class John Reed, C/3rd James Dean,
C/2nd Lt Dale Hurd, and trainee C/4th Class James Outland.

Scott AFB

Some of the actives and trainees got the chance to go to Scott AFB to see their
Honor Guard. These cadets got to learn some of the Honor Guard's rifle
movements, which is very different than what we do.


Four of our actives were blessed with the privilege of doing
the color guard in our local Christmas Parade.

Christmas Parade

Shown here are (from left to right):
Dale Hurd, James Dean, Gentry Kramer, and James Dolson.


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