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EarthScope Today
Click this map find and access data from the thousands of EarthScope scientific instruments located through the contiguous United States and Alaska

The EarthScope scientific community is conducting multidisciplinary research across the Earth sciences utilizing the freely accessible data from geophysical instruments that measure motions of the Earth's surface, record seismic waves, and recover rock samples from depths at which earthquakes originate. In-depth collaborations between scientists and educators bring the excitement of cutting-edge Earth science research into classrooms, museums and parks.

Access data [] from the thousands of EarthScope scientific instruments located throughout the contiguous United States and Alaska. [ Status Map: ]

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EarthScope Data Products
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26 Oct 2009 - The shear-wave splitting database NA-SWS-1.1 (Kelly Liu, Missouri S&T) has been added to the EarthScope Data Products page

Shear-wave splitting database
EarthScope Data Products
Science Plan Workshop
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12 November 2009 - Now Available: Talks, abstracts, and breakout summaries from the Oct 7-8 Workshop for an EarthScope Science Plan (WESP)

Workshop Objectives, Planning/Editing Committee, Timetable, Presentations, and Other Information
Sources of Earth's "Hum"
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11 Aug 2009 - USArray data reveal that the Earth's low-frequency "hum" is predominantly generated in coastal regions.

AGU Geophysical Research Letters
National Geographic News
Deccan Chronicle
San Andreas Fault Tremors
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21 Jul 2009 - Tremor activity increased after two recent California earthquakes. Does this indicate an increase in stress on the San Andreas fault?

Science Daily Summary Abstract