Baikal 1992 Seismic Array Project Data Report

Davis, P.M., S. Gao, H. Liu, P. Slack, M. Benthien and Don Daniels

Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences; University of California, LA; Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567

Submitted to DARPA, DARPA Contract Number: F29601-91-K-DB17


During June 11 and October 5, 1992, UCLA, U. of Wisconsin (UW), and the Institute of Earth's Crust of Russian Academy of Sciences at Irkutsk conducted a joint seismic array study in the territory of the Baikal rift zone as the second phase for of a two-year study. The UCLA field trip team installed and operated the twenty-eight Reftek stations and two UW recorder stations. All the stations were equipped with 3D short period sensors with central frequencies range from 0.5 to 2 Hz and eleven of the stations were co-sited with broadband (Guralp and STS2) seismometers. All seismographs synchronize internal clocks to signals from the Omega navigation system (locked to either Norway or Japan) which ensured that the timing error for most of the data was less than 2 ms.

This report provides information needed for others to use the unique data set recorded by the 30 UCLA stations during June 11 and October 5, 1992.

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