Seismic array study of the Baikal rift zone, Siberia

Davis, P.M., S. Gao, H. Liu, and P. Slack

Dept. of Earth & Space Sciences; University of California, LA; Los Angeles, CA 90095-1567

Proceedings of the 14th Annual Pl/DARPA Seismic; Research Symposium: 99-110, 1992


During the Summer of 1992, UCLA, U. of Wisc., and the Institute of Earth's Crust of Russian Academy of Sciences at Irkutsk conducted a joint seismic array study in the territory of the Baikal rift zone and north-central Mongolia (Fig 1). 38 PASSCAL REFTEK 72A-02 and 11 UW digital seismic recorders were deployed. 23 of the 49 recorders were installed around the south end of Lake Baikal and 26 of them along a 1282 km profile ranging from Bratsk in the north and the northern boundary of the Gobi desert in the south. The UCLA field trip team installed and serviced 22 of the 26 profile stations. This report is intended to summarize the field experiment involving the UCLA stations and describes some primary results from this year's experiment,focusing on the profile results.

The present project is the second phase of a two year project, 1991 and 1992. Report on the Baikal 1991 experiment is attached to this report.

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