M.S. Theses and Ph.D Dissertations Advised by Drs. Kelly Liu and Stephen Gao (for the period of 2008-2016):

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Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Characterizations of the Middle Eocene Gialo Formation, Assamoud Field, Sirte Basin, Libya.

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Seismic Interpretation and Reservoir Characterization of the Middle Frio Formation in the Stratton Field Gulf Coast Basin of South Texas Using Three-Dimensional Seismic and Well Log Data.

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3D Seismic Data Interpretation of Boonsville Field, Texas.

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Receiver function studies of crustal structure, composition, and evolution beneath the Afar Depression, Ethiopia and the Tien Shan, Central Asia.

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Geophysics Investigations of Continental Crust of Saint Charles-Saint Louis Counties, Missouri and Egyptian Nile in Egypt, and Apparent Weekly and Daily Earthquake Periodicities in the Western United States.

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Crustal Structure and Evolution beneath the Colorado Plateau and the Southern Basin and Range Province: Results from Receiver Function and Gravity Studies.

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A Geological and Geophysical Study of the Tendaho Graben, Ethiopia, Afar: Insights into Transitional Continental Rifting.

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PN anisotropy tomography of the Colorado plateau and adjacent areas.

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Shear wave splitting analysis in Tien Shan: Geodynamic implications of complex anisotropy.

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Seismic Anisotropy and Mantle Flow beneath Africa and Arabia.

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Seismic Stratigraphic and Attribute Analysis of the Teapot Dome Field, Wyoming.

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Post-stack Processing of Seismic Data in Alasehir Basin and Their Structural Interpretation.

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AVO Gradient Analysis of 2D Seismic Data, Sable Island, Nova Scotia.

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Seismic Interpretation and Petrophysical Analysis of the Upper Ordovician and Silurian Sequences, Ghadamis Basin, Libya.

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Inversion and Interpretation of 2D Seismic Data from the Kumrular-Karachaoglan Fields, Thrace Basin, Turkey.

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Methodology investigations for shear-wave splitting analysis.

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Azimuthal anisotropy beneath north central Africa from shear wave splitting analyses.

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Time Migration Processing of 2-D Seismic Data in the Gediz Graben, Turkey.

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Crustal Modification by the Tectonic Events and Upper Mantle Anisotropy beneath the Midcontinent Rift and New Madrid Seismic Zone:
Insights from Receiver Function Studies and Teleseismic Shear Wave Splitting.

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Crustal Thickness and Vp/Vs beneath the Western United States: Constraints from Stacking of Receiver Functions.

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Shear-wave splitting beneath the western Tibetan Plateau.

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NA-SWS-2.1: An Updated Uniform Database of Teleseismic Shear Wave Splitting Measurements for North America and Shear Wave Splitting Measurements and Implications for Mantle Structure and Dynamics beneath the South-central United States.

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2D Seismic Stratigraphic and Depositional System Analysis of the North-eastern Thrace Basin.

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Two New Spline-Based Methods and Real Data Applications:
High-resolution Receiver Function Calculations from Teleseismic Broadband Waveforms and High-accuracy Practical Potential-field Integral Transformations.

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A receiver function study of crust thickness and composition beneath the south western United States.

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Seismic Anisotropy and Mantle Dynamics beneath the Central and Western United States.

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Seismological investigations of the Okavango Rift, Botswana.