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Publications: 2005-2006
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2005-2006 MOSGC Student Report Titles
  • A Photometric Survey of Yellow Supergiant Stars
  • Analysis of Pulsating Subdwarf B stars: Feige 48 and PG1219
  • Analysis of the Pulsating Sub-Dwarf B Star PG0048+091
  • CASA Mission 1806 – Conundrum in Cosmos
  • Characterization of Boron-doped Diamond Powder
  • Characterization of Diffusion Flames for Optimization of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Synthesis
  • Chitosan-based Membranes and their Characteristics
  • Cold Gas Propulsion Subsystem Design Elements
  • Design and Testing of a Trajectory Planning Program for the Energy Management Landing Phase of a Reusable Launch Vehicle
  • Developing Magnetic Torque Coils for Attitude Control on the MR SAT Spacecraft
  • Development of a Tilt-Duct Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with Vertical Takeoff and Landing Capabilities
  • Deviation and Comparison of Three Dynamic Models of the Magnetic Sweep Mechanism on the Micro- Shutter Assembly of the James Webb Space Telescope
  • Electrostatic Probe Diagnostics for the Missouri University Spherical Ion Confinement Chamber
  • Faceted Carbon and Coherence Effects in Presolar Graphenes
  • Flame Resistant Composites
  • Graphical User Interfaces and the Incorporation of CFD to the Educational Process
  • Hydrogen Storage in Pressed Nanophase Diamond Powder with TiF3 Additive
  • Identification of Volatiles Toward Young Stellar Objects
  • Impact Driven Motion for Wireless Camera Pill Applications
  • Manufacturing VARTM Carbon/Epoxy Composites
  • MEMS Colloidal Thrusters / 2005 NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center - Summer Academy
  • Modeling Intracellular Pathways for Studying Neuroplasticity due to Disorders
  • On-line Length Classification for Carbon Nanotubes
  • Purifying Metal-Contaminated Water
  • Richard D. Schwartz Observatory Site Testing
  • SEM Characterization of Chromium–Doped Diamond (Cr-DD) Powder of 60-70 Micron Size.
  • Serotonin-Induced Increase In the Slope of the F-I Curve For Prefrontal Cortex Pyramidal Neurons
  • The Travel Diary of a Micron-Sized Sphere Found in the Murchison Meteorite
  • Time-Series Spectroscopy of Variable Subdwarf B Stars
  • Trajectory Analysis of an Electro-Magnetic Orbital Launch System
  • UMSL Fifth Grade Astronomy Outreach Program
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Design for High-Endurance Surveillance Applications.
  • Using Geospatial Tools in Technology Extension and Youth Education


  • Mathew Brown, MS&T, Filament Wound Composite Cylinders for Space Applications
  • Ryan Cleaver, UMSL (BS 06), Analysis of Cassini Imaging and Spectroscopy: Particle Distribution and Dynamics in the Atmospheres of Saturn and Titan
  • William Danchus, UMC, A Chitosan-based Adsorbent for Removal of Cr(VI) from Waste Streams
  • Douglas Dodson II, UMC, Experimental Evaluation of Piezoelectric Fiber/Polymer Transducers for Power Harvesting
  • Anastasia M Doennig, MSU, Pulsation Changes in Subdwarf B stars Feige 48 and PG 1219+534
  • Joseph Eggen, MSU, Time-Series Spectroscopy of the Subdwarf B Star PG 1219+534
  • Josiah Elliott, MS&T, Computational Study of Laminar Separation Bubble Development over Supersonic Airfoils at Subsonic Speeds
  • Stephen Fullerton, MSU, Discovery Center: Astronomy Outreach and Display Promotion
  • Grant Gelven, MSU, The Observation and Theory of Ultra-Low-Amplitude Radial Pulsations in Galactic Yellow Supergiant Stars
  • Justin Gilker, MSU, Procedures for the Study of Yellow Supergiant Stars
  • Elizabeth A. Hasenmueller, WashU, Spatial and Temporal Variations of Archaeal and Bacterial Communities in a Yellowstone National Park Hot Spring Determined by FISH
  • Jesse Heinemann, MS&T/MSFC, The Dynamics of a Double Pendulum Slosh Model
  • Nathan Hunton, UMSL, Trace Metal Interactions with Silicon on Insulator
  • Christopher Z. Jost, UMSL, Interpreting Images from a Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Justin Kolker, MS&T, Manufacturing Aerospace Composites using the Vacuum Infusion Process
  • Anjali Manivannan and Carina Wolf, MSU, Growth and Analysis of Metallic Nanocomposite Semiconductors
  • Chris Marley, MS&T, Conceptual Design and Simulation of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: An Investigation of Three Tri-Tilt Duct Configurations
  • Jakub Michel, MSU, Light Curve Analysis of Low Mass and Short Period Eclipsing Binaries
  • Alissa Mitchell, UMC/GSFC, Cooperative Research at the Goddard Space Flight Center
  • David Peaslee, G & Melissa Pastorius, U, UMSL, UMSL Fifth Grade Astronomy Outreach Program
  • Arsham Shahlari, UMKC, Calculation of Thermophysical Properties of Food
  • Jonathon Striley, MSU, Enhancement of Telescope Control Software


  • Harvey Cline, UMC, Metering Poppet Valve Control System
  • Brian E. Dallstream, UMKC, Modeling Moisture Loss and Temperature Distribution During Refrigerated Storage of Commodities
  • Wyatt Davenport, MS&T, Design and Dynamic Modeling of a Flapping Wing Nano Air Vehicle
  • Jorge Gaudier, UMC, Low Density Hydrogen Plasma Measurements Using the Double Langmuir Probe at the PUPR Mirror-Cusp
  • Elizabeth Hasenmueller, WashU-EPSci, G, Spatial and Temporal Variations of Archaeal and Bacterial Communities in a Yellowstone National Park Hot
  • Eric Mandell, UMSL, Characterizing Sheet Structure and Formation of Unlayered Graphene Stardust
  • Ryan Meyer, UMC, Inertial Electrostatic Confinement: A Review, Part I
  • Melissa Pastorius, UMSL, Ice in Interstellar Envelopes Surrounding Young Stellar Objects
  • Jeff Scott, UMC, Fabrication of Vertically-Aligned Silicon Nanowires for use in Enhanced Emission
  • Josef Seale, MS&T, Transparent composite panels using the autoclave process
  • Gordon Vernon, WashU, The Akoya Service Vehicle Command Module

High School

  • Adam Ariel, WashU, The Strength of Velcro
  • Anamaria T. Baluyut, UMSL/FZW, A Study of the CO2 Absorption Feature at 15.2 µm of Several Young Stellar Objects
  • David Dotson, UMSL/Hazelwood High School, Searching for Young Stellar Objects with Accretion Disks in L1689N
  • Mike Jin, WashU, Hydration States of Ferric Sulfates on Mars
  • Anamaria Baluyut, UMSL, A Study of the CO2 Absorption Feature at 15.2 µm of Several Young Stellar Objects
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