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Publications: 2006-2007
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2006-2007 MOSGC Student Reports
  • Adam D. Ariel The Strength of Velcro UMC
  • Anamaria T. Baluyut A Study of the CO2 Absorption Feature at 15.2 µm of Several Young Stellar Objects UMSL / Fort Zumwalt West
  • Alejandro Barilari-Serres Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis of Alternative Sensor for Planetary Exploration UMC
  • Ryan Cleaver Analysis of Cassini Imaging and Spectroscopy: Particle Distribution and Dynamics in the Atmospheres of Saturn and Titan UMSL/JPL
  • C. Harvey O. Cline Metering Poppet Valve Control System UMC
  • Brian E. Dallstream "Modeling Moisture Loss and Temperature Distribution
  • During Refrigerated Storage of Commodities " UMKC
  • William J. Danchus A Chitosan-based Adsorbent for Removal of Cr(VI) from Waste Streams UMC
  • Wyatt E. Davenport Design and Dynamic Modeling of a Flapping Wing Nano Air Vehicle UMR
  • Douglas Dodson II Experimental Evaluation of Piezoelectric Fiber/Polymer Transducers for Power Harvesting UMC
  • Anastasia M Doennig Pulsation Changes in Subdwarf B stars Feige 48 and PG 1219+534 MSU
  • David L. Dotson Searching for Young Stellar Objects with Accretion Disks in L1689N UMSL/Hazelwood
  • Joseph Eggen Time-Series Spectroscopy of the Subdwarf B Star PG 1219+534 MSU
  • Josiah D. Elliott Computational Study of Laminar Separation Bubble Development over Supersonic Airfoils at Subsonic Speeds UMR
  • R. Stephen Fullerton Discovery Center: Astronomy Outreach and Display Promotion MSU
  • Jorge R. Gaudier "Low Density Hydrogen Plasma Measurements Using the Double Langmuir Probe at the PUPR Mirror-Cusp" UMC
  • Grant A. Gelven "The Observation and Theory of Ultra-Low-Amplitude Radial Pulsations in Galactic Yellow Supergiant Stars" MSU
  • Justin T. Gilker Procedures for the Study of Yellow Supergiant Stars MSU
  • Elizabeth A. Hasenmueller "Spatial and Temporal Variations of Archaeal and Bacterial Communities in a Yellowstone National Park Hot Spring Determined by FISH" WU-EPS
  • Jesse Heinemann The Dynamics of a Double Pendulum Slosh Model UMR/MSFC-Intership
  • Melissa L. Holtmeyer Sooting Limits in Diffusion Flames WU-MAE
  • Nathan Hunton Trace Metal Interactions with Silicon on Insulator UMSL
  • Mike Jin Hydration States of Ferric Sulfates on Mars WU-EPS
  • Christopher Z. Jost Interpreting Images from a Transmission Electron Microscope UMSL
  • Justin D. Kolker Manufacturing Aerospace Composites using the Vacuum Infusion Process UMR
  • Eric Mandell Characterizing Sheet Structure and Formation of Unlayered Graphene Stardust UMSL
  • Anjali Manivannan and Carina Wolf MSU
  • Chris Marley "Conceptual Design and Simulation of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing,
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle: An Investigation of Three Tri-Tilt Duct Configurations" UMR
  • Adrián E. Méndez-Torres Enhance Absorption of Hydrogen in Modified Diamond; Applications in Space Exploration and Radiation Shields UMC
  • Ryan M. Meyer Inertial Electrostatic Confinement: A Review, Part I UMC
  • Jakub Michel Light Curve Analysis of Low Mass and Short Period Eclipsing Binaries MSU
  • Alissa Mitchell Cooperative Research at the Goddard Space Flight Center UMC/GSFC-Co-Op
  • Melissa Pastorius Ice in Interstellar Envelopes Surrounding Young Stellar Objects UMSL
  • David Peaslee and Melissa Pastorius UMSL Fifth Grade Astronomy Outreach Program UMSL
  • Nimna S. Ranatunga ‘GoldFISH’ in the Identification of Microbes from the Natural Environments WU-EPS
  • Benjamin Renkoski Occurrences of NASA Satellites Entering Safe Hold Mode UMC/GSFC Academy
  • Jeff W. Scott Fabrication of Vertically-Aligned Silicon Nanowires for use in Enhanced Emission UMC
  • Josef Seale Transparent composite panels using the autoclave process UMR
  • Arsham Shahlari Calculation of Thermophysical Properties of Food UMKC
  • Lucas K. Smith E.A.G.L.E. – Enceladus Astrobiology & Geophysical Lander Expedition SLU/GSFC-Academy
  • Jonathon A. Striley Enhancement of Telescope Control Software MSU
  • Aubrey H. Tuk Platform Instrument Extenders for a Multi-Wavelength Dielectrometer UMR/GSFC-Intership
  • Gordon Vernon The Akoya Service Vehicle Command Module WU-MAE
  • Timothy M. Walker Hydrocooling of Fruits and Vegetables UMKC
  • Jerry R. Yoakum Classification of Variable Stars through Data Mining MSU
  • Kyle Zimmer "A Methodology for Accident Reconstruction and Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV): A Case Study" UMR
  • Kerry M. Zimmerman "Microbial Ecology in Yellowstone National Park:
  • Developing Curriculum and Conducting Field Activities" WU-EPS
  • TSU - Research Group 1 Determining Asteroid Rotation Periods Through CCD Photometry TSU
  • TSU - Research Group 2 Differential Photometry of Eclipsing Binary Stars TSU
  • UMC - CASA 07 CASA Mission 1907: Building the Dream UMC/Hickman
  • UMR - AAVG 07 Advanced Aero Vehicle Group UMR
  • UMR - First Responders - 07 Development of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 1st Responder Mission Capability UMR
  • UMR-SAT - 1- 07 Systems Engineering and Structural Design for UMR SAT UMR
  • UMR-SAT - 2 - 07 Attitude Determination and Control System for UMR SAT UMR
  • UMR-SAT - 3 - 07 Pulsed Plasma Thruster UMR
  • UMR-SAT - 4 - 07 "Two-Phase Refrigerant Based Small Satellite Propulsion System:
  • Safety Analysis and Implementation" UMR
  • WU-MAE - 1 - 07 Reduced Gravity Bandit Propulsion: An Automated Vision-Navigated Inspector Spacecraft WU-MAE
  • WU-MAE - 2 - 07 "Small Satellite Platform for Proximity Operations and Rapid Integration:
  • Bandit/Akoya Student-Built Nanosatellite" WU-MAE
  • WU-MAE - 3 - 07 Autonomous Rendezvous and Docking WU-MAE
  • WU-MAE - 4 - 07 "Proximity Operations and Repeatable Docking with Microscale Spacecraft:
  • Bandit-C Student-Built Free-Flying Nanosatellite" WU-MAE
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