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Publications: 2010-2011
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2010-2011 MOSGC Student Report Abstracts
  • Natalie Accardo, IRIS: A MoonRise Student Collaboration Project
  • Justin Aholt, Active Flow Control Strategy of Laminar Separation Bubbles Developed over Subsonic Airfoils at Low Reynolds Numbers
  • Jocelyn Bailey, Geometry and Aeroshell Optimization of Reentry Capsules Using a Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Framework
  • Jennifer Bean, Differential CCD Photometry of Yellow Supergiant Stars
  • Alison Beehr, Synthetic Iron Phyllosilicates as Analogs for Martian Phyllosilicates
  • Jasmine Berg, Microbial Characterization of White Mats in a Hydrothermally-Influenced, Sulfur-Rich Brine Pool
  • Steven Berg, Investigation of Monopropellant and Bipropellant Capabilities of Energetic Ionic Liquids for Dual Mode Spacecraft Propulsion
  • Matthew Boraas, Investigation of Monopropellant and Bipropellant Capabilities of Energetic Ionic Liquids for Dual Mode Spacecraft Propulsion Generation of D2-Loaded, Spark-Generated, Pd Nano-Particles
  • Andrew Brune,Aerodynamic Heating Analysis of Hypersonic Cruise Vehicles in Conceptual Design
  • Josiah Bryan, Maximum-Range Trajectories for an Unpowered Reusable Launch Vehicle
  • Darnell Cage, Numerical Simulations and Experimental Evaluation of Heat Transfer Performance of Improved Cryogenic Vials for Cryopreservation
  • Ashlynn Conner, Defects in Semiconductors
  • Andrew Cooper, The Role of AGN in the Major Merging Process
  • Mona Dai, Methane in Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR)
  • Matthew Dennis, Production Rates and Spin Temperatures of Volatiles in Comet C/2007 N3 (Lulin)
  • Kristen Erickson, Shaping A Star Cluster: The Initial Mass Function for the Rho Ophiuchi Cloud
  • Stephanie Evans, Testing and Integration of a Cold Gas Propulsion System for Microsatellite Applications
  • Laurel Farris, Using Differential CCD Photometry to Search For Variability in Yellow Supergiants
  • Tudor Foote, Power Generation from a Wind Turbine in a Solar Chimney
  • Emily Fry, CASA's 2011 Outreach Program: Aerospace Extravaganza!
  • Bradley Gerling, Proper Motion Study of Water Masers Associated with the Young Star Haro 6-10
  • Justin Gilker, The Baker Observatory Subminute Survey
  • Angela Gugliano, Discovering Maximum, Efficient Power and Promoting Strong Outreach
  • Aaron Hathaway, Discovering Maximum, Effect Of Condensing Temperature On An Uneven Turn OHP
  • Lee Hicks, Streamline & Automation of Image Reduction
  • Jennifer Hoffman, Missouri Satellite Team - Thermal System
  • Melissa Holtmeyer, Fundamental Flame Studies Applied to Oxy-Fuel Combustion of Biomass and Coal to Reduce Pollutant Formation
  • Cory Honer, Preparation of an Ultra-high Vacuum Chamber for Growth of Methane and Argon Ices
  • Thomas Hulsey, Design and Manufacturing of a Triple Langmuir Probe for Plasma Diagnostics
  • Christopher Jost, Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoporous Carbon
  • John Keller, Age Distributions of Low Mass Stars in the Rho Ophiuchi and Upper Scorpius Associations
  • Danielle Kozlowski, Bradley Zavodsky, and Gary Jedlovec, Demonstrating the Operational Value of Thermodynamic Hyperspectral Profiles in the Pre-convective Environment
  • Whitney Lewis,Design, Construction, and Calibration of a Three-Axis Magnetic Field Probe
  • Hao Lin, Modeling of Parametric Excitation
  • Tim Mason, E.H. Majzoub, First-principles Study of Novel Conversion Reactions for High-capacity Li-ion Battery Anodes
  • David McKinnon, Energy Deposition as a Compression Mechanism for High Speed Air Breathing Engines
  • Carl Merrigan and Brett Whisler, Effective-Interfacial-Tension-Induced Convection:A Planned Suborbital Experiment
  • Alicia Metzger, Lithological Analysis of the Descartes Region Using Moon Mineralogy Data
  • Joseph Neal, LH2 Fill and Drain Line Simulator Purge
  • Joseph Neal, Development of Intrinsic Thermocouple Arrays
  • Janese Neher, Development of the Women In Nuclear-Next Evolutionary Revolutionary Scientists (WINNERS)
  • Luke Nowicki, Cratering on the Icy Satellites of the Outer Solar System
  • C. P. Orth and V. S. Solomatov, Interpretation of Gravity and Topography on Venus in the Isostatic Stagnant Lid Approximation
  • Elim Ortiz, Single Palladium Langmuir Probe
  • David Peaslee, Direct Line-of-site Gas Desorption Study of LiBH4 in Nanoporous Carbons: The Size Effect
  • Amanda Quin, Finding Period Spacings of Subdwarf B Stars Using the Kepler Satellite
  • Nathaniel Richie, Development of Hybrid Composite Bi-Polar Plates for Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Rosaura Salinas, Synthesis of Tin Oxide Branching Nanostructures by Carbothermal Reduction Process
  • Tyler Sanders, Physiological Plasticity of Ectotherms in a Changing Environment
  • Katherine Shirley, Searching for Gypsum in the Martian North Polar Dunes
  • Jake Spillar, High Efficiency Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
  • Benjamin Spott, Photobioreactors for Algal Growth Utilizing Coal Flue Gas As A Carbon Source
  • Yafer Suarez, Corrosion Resistance of Platinum Thin Films on Structural Materials
  • Emily Sudholt, A Study of Water in Comet C2007 N3 (Lulin)
  • Matthew Thompson, Automated Detection of Variable Stars
  • Lauren Van Dyke, Dynamic Modeling and Soil Mechanics for Path Planning of Mars Exploration Rovers
  • Cory Wagner, Axis Ratio of Red Galaxies Since z=1
  • Charlotte Weinstein, Isotopic Fractionation of Cu by life and in Iron Meteorites
  • Denis Wisniewski, Methods and Issues in Development of Al-UV Mirrors
  • Zheming Zhang, Optimization of ETRW (Energy Liberated During a Flight/Revenue Work Done) of an Airplane for Minimizing its Environmental Impact
  • David Zidar, Investigation of the Channel Wall Surface Properties of a Hall-effect Thruster
  • Missouri S&T Advanced Aero Vehicle Group, 2011 SAE Aero Design Competition
  • Missouri S&T Advanced Aero Vehicle Group, 2011 NASA University Student Launch Initiative Design Competition
  • Allison Cook, Maria Barna, Steve Massey, Tyler Olson, Gerrit Smith, COPPER CubeSat
  • Greg Keogh, Sean Holder, Jesus Dominguez, and Alex Shim, Combat Robotics Competition: "Arch Enemy"
  • Kerry Fessenden, Joseph Maccio, Brian McDaniel, and Thomas Muntaner, MR LEO: Incidental Science CubeSat in Low Earth Orbit
  • Amare Assefa, Shane Bernard, Ian Condon, Jordan Griffith, Michael Jones, Alexis Morris, Erin Sanders, and Danielle Zemmel, Enhancing the Multidisciplinary Astrobiology Research Community at Truman State University
  • Emily Sudholt, Rosaura Salinas, and Robert Dobynes, UMSL Fifth Grade Astronomy Outreach Program
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