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  1. Supplement on Laplace Transformation (PDF)
  2. Supplemental Notes on Phasor Analysis (PDF)
  3. Supplemental Notes on Analytical Mechanics: The Calculus of Variations and the Euler-Lagrange Equation (PDF)
  4. Supplemental Notes on Linear Algebra (PDF)
  5. Dr. MacSithigh's Matrix Primer (PDF)
  6. Operational Amplifier Primer (PDF)
  7. Introduction to Maple (PDF)

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This is a PowerPoint lecture describing the solution of three progressively more complex vibrating string models, originally presented as a supplemental lecture to an undergraduate linear systems (ME211) class. PDF version here.

The following are simulations of the plucked string w/o damping, with damping, and with damping and an impulsive force

applied at x = 2L/3.

Undamped Plucked String Simulation

Damped Plucked String Simulation

Damped Plucked String with Impulsive Forcing Simulation


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