Missouri S&T Artificial Intelligence Tournament Series

Department of Computer Science

Winter Semester 2003 gave birth to a new Missouri S&T tradition: the Artificial Intelligence Tournament series. This series follows a tradition of in-class tournaments in the course Artificial Intelligence, but aims to broaden that scope by inviting campus-wide participation by holding public tournaments and having formal awards ceremonies.

Hosted by the Department of Computer Science, this is a vehicle for Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni to test their skills in programming Artificial Intelligence by having their creations compete with each other in a tournament.

Each tournament a new challenge will be chosen to be solved; typical challenges are games.

You are ineligible to participate with your AI in a tournament for a game which you have already won first place in on a previous tournament.

For semester specific information, select the particular semester link, while for game specific information, select the particular game link:
Spring Semester 2019Chess
Spring Semester 2018Chess
Spring Semester 2017Chess
Fall Semester 2016Chess
Spring Semester 2016Chess
Spring Semester 2014Chess
Spring Semester 2013Chess
Spring Semester 2012Chess
Spring Semester 2011Chess
Spring Semester 2010Backgammon
Spring Semester 2009Chess
Fall Semester 2007Mancala
Fall Semester 2006Backgammon
Spring Semester 2006Reversi (a.k.a. Othello)
Fall Semester 2005Reversi (a.k.a. Othello)
Spring Semester 2005Chess
Fall Semester 2004Chess
Spring Semester 2004Stratego
Fall Semester 2003Stratego
Spring Semester 2003Abalone