Missouri S&T Tae Kwon Do Club

FAQs and other business...

People are always asking us what it is that we do. First and foremost, our club is commited to providing the most realistic and effective self defense program in the county at no cost. In second comes competition or traditional training depending on the season. Most of our competitors compete in the MASSL once or twice a year.

Our training includes releases from holds; knife, pistol, rifle, and baseball bat disarming; offensive/defensive combinations; traditional kata/tul/pattern work; and drills, drills, drills. A typical day starts with a "moderate" warmup and stretch and moves into various knife/pistol disarms, then may transition to kata/tul/pattern practice, then to combinations and kicking drills. Generally speaking, no two days are the same.

The next question we receive from prospective students is about sparring rules. To give a quick answer, we train under the San Shou/San Da rules of the MASSL. Participants wear 12oz boxing gloves, a boxing headgear, a mouthguard, and a cup. Shinguards are optional. The club does have a few pairs of headgear and gloves, but you are encouraged to buy your own due to wear and tear and hygiene. Legal techniques include kicking/punching to the legs, trunk, and head with knees to the legs and trunk. Throws, takedowns, and sweeps are also allowed. Fouls include attacks to the groin, attacks to the back of the head/anywhere on the spine or neck, and strikes with the elbow.

San Shou does not appeal to everyone. If you are uncomfortable with these sorts of rules, you should discuss with your sparring partner prior to sparring to establish a rule set that you are both comfortable with. Many of members engage in classic boxing and a few members will even engage in point sparring variants.

The third question we generally receive is about dues. We are the only free martial arts club on campus and in the county. We are very intent on keeping it that way. When we compete, competitors pay out of pocket since we generally get our funding requests turned down by StuCo, SUB, and the Miner Alumni Association.

Rank is always something of a sore subject with new students who feel as though their prior rank(s) and/or experience places them above other members of the club. To put it plain and simple, we operate with a Put Up or Shut Up Policy: If you feel that your rank or presence inherently demands instant reverance from others, then you ought to be able to validate it on sparring nights. If unable, it is imperative that you cease to hold such notions. Summarily, you earn respect in our club. If you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Aside from all of the above, we are the premeire source for self defense clinics on campus. We are the first choice of sororities and, to my knowledge, are the only martial arts group that has been asked back for an encore. We believe ourselves to be THE BEST martial arts club on campus and continue to prove it year after year. Trust me, if there were any better martial arts schools in town, I'd be enrolled.