Missouri S&T Tae Kwon Do Club



The background on this pamphlet was that I needed to take something from one medium and transfer it into another one for a class assignment. I chose to transfer the instructions for Chon-Ji from the Encyclopedia of Tae Kwon Do into a pamplet.

Do San:

The background on this video was that I was required to do some sort of video for a final project. The instructions were pretty vague and I'd been telling everyone that I wanted to make a video like this for a while, so I got together the night before it was due with Alex and we made it happen. Promising more to come...

Spring 2010 Sparring:

This is a video I made of a handful of sparring sessions that I taped in Spring 2010. None of it is spectacular, but it'll give you an idea of what goes on during sparring nights. The song is Ressurection by Superstar DJ.