Missouri S&T Tae Kwon Do Club

8/20/2011 Hello, and welcome back to S&T for another exciting year! I received the preliminary schedule a few days ago, and that has been added to the bottom of each page of this site. I'm looking to add one more Multi training time, 1 Havener training time, and then arrange one or two sparring session per week. I hope to see you soon! - K

1/23/2011 Hello gang! Practices are going well, as we prapare for the Mid-America San Shou League Show Me State Tournament. We'll be adding one additional sparring session and one additional practice to our regular schedule, so pay attention to the site. In other news, I had been working on a new site to match the rest of S&T's sites and was ready to implement over break. However, S&T decided that it would be quite funny to revamp their image and change their site format. So, I'll be working on another site to match the current standards and will be implementing that as soon as I get it done. -K

8/24/2010 pt2 I tried to reserve Wednesday times for the semester at Havener, but it seems that Wednesdays are a precious commodity for seminars this year. Instead, I've reluctantly had to reserve Tuesdays at Havener from 6-8pm (starting next week). There are a few Tuesdays that we couldn't get, but I'm working on making arrangements elsewhere on campus. I know that Tuesday nights is a conflict for many of you, especially those of you in Air Force ROTC, but it's the best we can do this time around. On a side note, I'm going to use our remaining hour at Multi to schedule a Friday time after the TGIF fitness class. Since there are no club reservations for Friday, we can hold it until close if we want. I'm going to file that request tonight. I realize that this is not the best solution for anyone, but it's what we can get. - K

8/24/2010 The semester is officially underway. Our first practice was a bit small due to various floor meetings, but I believe that we will see a great deal of new faces this semester. I'm working on adding a Wednesday time and renovating the site. Stay tuned. - K

3/23/2010 It's been a while since my last update, so I'll fill you in. Classes have been going well with steady attendance. I've been taping our sparring/grappling sessions and I plan to get some files to people before the tournament next month. On that note, the Missouri State San Shou Championships are April 24. I'll have more info on that after Spring Break. - K

1/19/2010 Our practice times for the semester, as listed on the homepage, are Mondays and Wednesdays from 8-10pm. The Monday practices will be in the Aerobics/Martial Arts Room of Multi and the Wednesday night practices will be upstairs in Havener in alternating ballrooms. Our live grappling will follow the Monday night practice and our live sparring will follow the Wednesday night practice. If you check the Photos page, you will find both the pamphlet for Chon-Ji and the video for Do-San that I made, and also links to YouTube videos containing the other patterns that we have covered. These outside sources provide some differing perspectives on patterns, so they're always interesting to see. I do plan on making videos similar to the Do-San video this semester, provided I get time. - K

9/17/2009 We've finally gotten a practice time at Multi, and I'm going to add one at Havener so that we can have two practices per week. Don't forget about the tournament this weekend in Park Hills. Jhoon Rhee, the man who brought TKD to the US, will be there as well as Skipper Mullins and Pat Burleson. - K

6/11/2009 Mkay guys, I'm going to Six Flags this Saturday so I won't be at class. Next Saturday, I'll be at the Bu Ting Xi Kung Fu Camp in Columbia. I know that some of you have expressed interest, so contact me for further info. Additionally, I've been working out from noon to 3pm every day this week and plan to continue. If you'd like to do something then, just track me down at multi. - K

6/10/2009 Hey everyone! For those of you in Rolla, I'm thinking that meetings would be best on Saturdays at around noon. If you are in town and interested, email me so that we can get a regular group together. Enjoy your summer, and be safe! - K

1/18/2009 We will be meeting in St. Pat's A tomorrow night and for the rest of the semester. The semester syllabus will be handed out, along with requirements for the first belt exam. If there are any changes, I will let you guys know. - K

1/08/2009 As it turns out, we cannot move to Monday nights at the Rec Center. The good news is that I have reserved the Meramec/Gasconade rooms at the Havener Center on Monday nights from 7:30-10:30 for the entire semester. The even better news is that we have a storage locker in the basement of Havener for our equipment, and we can reserve a ball room whenever we feel like it. Projectors can also be made available upon request for viewing training DVDs. I'm going to move all of our equipment today, and we can move the black mats some time this week. - K

12/20/2008 As promised, I have uploaded a pamphlet with instructions for Chon-Ji. You will find the PDF in the photos section of the page. In early January I will make a similar pamphlet for Tan-gun. Be safe over break, and have a great time! - K

12/10/2008 I went ahead and filled out a time request for next semester for Monday nights at 7:30. I selected this time based on the input of those who mailed their schedules to me. If you did not send your schedule to me and cannot make this time, you are not completely SOL. Gus and I are in town most weekends, and my Thursday schedule is completely blank. I will be uploading a pamphlet for Chun-Ji this weekend so that you can all study over break. Also, our new toys will have arrived by next semester meaning that we'll have 5 new rubber guns and 4 new rubber knives. I am assured that the pistols cannot be broken accidentily, indicating that they should be Lee-Proof. We shall see... - K

11/13/2008 Alright, things are going great. Sparring is going well, attendance is up, and I'm predicting we get a few more members before the end of the semester. As soon as I get my Paypal account straightened out, we'll get four new pistols and two actual disarming knives. Also, start thinking about what meeting times will be best for next semester. - K

10/22/2008 Sara Moore has chosen now (2pm) of all times to notify me that basically every place in Multi is closed for the "One Book" lecture series. I'm not sure how that's possible, but we'll meet at multi outside the usual room at the same time to figure things out. The Chi Omega seminar is tomorrow at 7pm at their house. I will be going along with Gus, Ariel, and Mackinzie. See you tonight. - K

10/9/2008 Okay guys, I've scheduled a women's clinic at Chi Omega. It will be October 23rd, 7pm at the Chi Omega house. Gus, Ariel, and Mackenzie are all going with me. We'll prep for that on the 22nd in class. Things are going well with class; so well that we're ahead of schedule. Keep up the good work! Also, don't forget about the Thursday classes at 5pm. - K

9/18/2008 Things have been moving well with the club environment due to the influx of fast learners and phenomenal instruction *points to self*. If we can keep up this pace, by Thanksgiving we'll be about where I had planned to be in mid-December. I am going to be contacting the ZETA house in the coming week to attempt to organize a self defense seminar at their sorority since the on campus seminar was not on par with my standards. Volunteers are welcome. - K

9/9/2008 Late last night I recieved an email about our reservation, and it turns out that we have the room on Wednesday's from 7-9pm. After 9pm, we will move to an open space for our Reality Drills. - K

9/4/2008 Well kids, we still don't know if we have the 7-9pm reservation because a certain some one still hasn't done it. Regardless, we will still meet at Multi on Wednesdays from 7-9pm. The difference will just be where we end up. On a happier note, 10 new students went to our first practice on Wednesday, which is the single largest number of new recruits for a first practice since 2005. Now if we could just get 10 new students every time... Also, women's self defense clinic is this Saturday at 2pm at Havener. We also plan to meet afterward at multi to teach additional techniques to women and to play catch-up for those who missed Wednesday. Email me for details. - K

8/28/2008 Sara Moore still has not gotten around to putting the schedule together, so we still don't know about our time for Wednesday. However while I was at the Rec Center last night, the Swing Dancing Club came in at 8 and said that they put in a request to have the room from 8-9:30pm. If their request gets processed before ours does, we'll either need a new time, new day, or a new place. Suggestions welcome. - K

8/27/2008 I still have not recieved word from the Rec Center about our scheduling, but I'll be at their tonight (Wednesday) at 7pm. Hope to see you there! - K

8/24/2008 An application was put in at the Rec Center on August 24, 2008 to reserve the Aerobics and Martial Arts Room from 7-9pm on Wednesdays. I was told that I would know if it fits Monday the 25th. When I know, you'll know. - K