Missouri S&T Tae Kwon Do Club

Our training hails from traditional ITF Tae Kwon Do. Our curriculum is divided into two segments:

On campus, our curriculum includes traditional Tae Kwon Do elements as well as traditional grappling and modern combat survival. Combat survival includes topics such as baseball bat, knife, and gun disarming as well as Israeli Ground Survival. Currently we are the only club, or martial arts school in the Rolla area, that provides a realistic defense to any of these threats. We practice reality based training and keep drills as close to real as possible.

These classes are taught by members of the club with experience in such areas. Our training time for this fall (so far) is Tuesday night from 9-10:30pm. We are looking to schedule three more training times during the week, likely on Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday. If you are interested, contact our current President(see member list).

Our Special Seminars and demonstrations are typically overseen by Dr. Harvest Collier, Vice Provost of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies at Missouri S&T and fifth degree Black Belt. Dr. Collier's Tae Kwon Do seminars are held in the traditional environment and include traditional training drills; traditional training in kata; and traditional training of the mind, body, and spirit. Seminars are generally held on campus, but sometimes take place in the community.

It is recommended that students attend both On Campus and Special Seminar training sessions. We realize that this is not possible for most students, and are understanding of time constraints. Since we are all here for higher education, we encourage students to only attend our classes when it does not conflict with higher learning.