Physics 5403 - Computational Physics

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Course description



Due date Project Description Files
Setup on Aug 23, 2022; no report due Test Project: Harmonic motion Code in Fortran, C, and Python
Sep 6, 2022 Project 1 function.dat
Sep 13, 2022 Project 2  
Sep 27, 2022 Project 3a, Project 3b  
Oct 4, 2022 Project 4a, Project 4b Matrix eigenvalue solver
Oct 19, 2022 Project 5 Praxis optimization code
Nov 1, 2022 Project 6 FFT code after Pang's book, Postscript example
Nov 15, 2022 Project 7a, Project 7b  
Dec 6, 2022 Project 8  


MinGW development environment (C/C++ and Fortran compilers)

Python programming language

GNUPlot plotting program

Random number generators: LFSR113, KISS05, MT19937

Sample data file

Sample program file

Sample report

Molecular dynamics primer