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Postdoctoral Researcher Positions in Nanoscale Optics, 2D Materials, and Metasurfaces


We are seeking creative Postdoctoral Researchers, with strong experimental or theoretical skills in the research areas of nanoscale optics, 2D materials, and metasurfaces, related to nonlinear optical spectroscopy, photonic and optoelectronic devices with 2D materials, optical and optoelectronic properties of 2D materials, pump-probe spectroscopy, photoluminescence, photodetection, thermal radiation, optomechanics, and others. Successful candidates should possess earned Ph.D.s in physical sciences, materials science, and engineering, with strong backgrounds in optics and photonics, materials science, and solid state physics.



Ph.D. Student Positions in Nanoscale Optics, Thermo-fluids, Heat Transfer, and Metasurfaces


We are recruiting highly motivated students with strong research interests to pursue Ph.D. degree in the areas of nanoscale optics, thermo-fluids and energy, heat transfer, metamaterials and metasurfaces. Our interdisciplinary research projects require students having strong experimental or theoretical skills in one of the following areas: electromagnetics, optics and photonics, thermo-fluids and heat transfer, applied physics, NEMS/MEMS, and cleanroom nanofabrication. Students with various backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, applied physics and materials science are strongly encouraged to apply for the Ph.D. program in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology.



Applicants should send their full curriculum vitae along with publication list and contact information for three references via email to Prof. Xiaodong Yang (


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