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    2nd Workshop on Research Directions in
   Situational-aware Self-managed Proactive Computing in Wireless Adhoc Networks
(In conjunction with 11th International Mobile Data Management Conference)
on May 23, 2010 in Kansas City, USA  http://sce.umkc.edu/mdm2010/index.html
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    In distributed operations in an infrastructure less environment, often wireless ad hoc networks are dynamically deployed as needed to accomplish a mission. The nodes in such a network could be a set of sensors. PDAs and other wireless devices interacting in an ad hoc fashion moving in a restricted region. Such wireless networks/devices are resource constraints, heterogeneous and often nodes have to perform varying computing tasks which could be allocated dynamically. Applications in such networks are expected to be self-governing to perform multiple functions satisfying prioritized QoS requirements in conjunction with changing network conditions. Such networks may also need to switch to a different application or change the application if mission or requirement changes. Under these conditions, some of the important research themes are self-healing applications (under changing conditions, unreliable bandwidth, connectivity, varying devices, intermittent communication), content and computational aware collaborative computing (what information, who could deliver and where it is needed), QoS (Quality of Service) enabled prioritize dissemination of data and self-describing collaborative services which may have to push information without subscribing in case of emergency.
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