Recent Events


Textbook published.

A textbook on advanced classical electrodynamics has been published.


News coverage.

Research by the group has found a media echo.


Long-range van der Waals interaction tails.

Research has been published in Physical Review Letters.


Research on long-range interactions.

Two longer articles have been published in Physical Review A, on van der Waals and Casimir-Polder interactions.


Textbook on classical electrodynamics.

A textbook on classical electrodynamics has been submitted to World Scientific Publishers.


Chandra Adhikari: Schaerer Prize.

Graduate student Chandra Adhikari has received Third Prize at the annual Schaerer Prize Competition.


Textbook on classical electrodynamics.

A project concerning a textbook on classical electrodynamics is nearing completion.


Missouri Research Board grant.

A grant from the Missouri Research Board will help in research projects concerned with general relativity.


Faculty Research Award.

Ulrich Jentschura receives a faculty research award of Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Jonathan Noble: Schaerer Prize.

Graduate student Jonathan Noble has won this year's Schaerer Prize Competition (First Prize).


Graduate Student Seminar

Students Jonathan Noble and Chandra Adhikari won First and Third Prize in the graduate student seminar series for the spring semester 2015.


Promotion to Full Professor

The promotion to full professor has been approved and taken effect in September 2015.


Gravitational Correction to Vacuum Polarization

An article on the interplay of general relativity and quantum electrodynamic effects has appeared in print.


Fine-Structure Constant and String Theory

An article on the determination of the fine-structure constant, the renormalization group and string theory has appeared at


Conference at CERN

A conference at CERN discusses generalized perturbative expansions (so-called transseries) which are useful in the description of quantum phenomemna (energy levels and nonperturbative effects in field theory).


J. Phys. G: LabTalk

A recent particle physics paper in J.Phys.G on the "rabbit paradox" has been discussed in a LabTalk.


Faculty Research Award.

Ulrich Jentschura receives a faculty research award of Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Jonathan Noble (news #2).

Joint work with graduate student Jonathan Noble has been accepted for publication. A preprint on the "Foldy-Wouthuysen Transformation, Scalar Potentials and Gravity" will appear at soon.


Jonathan Noble (news #1).

Graduate student Jonathan Noble has been awarded a recognition at the annual Schaerer Prize Competition (Third Prize).


APS Fellow.

An APS fellowship has been received in recognition of the contributions to theoretical atomic physics (Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, APS).


Invited Talk at Melbourne University.

Invited talk at the School of Physics of Melbourne University on July 30, 2013.


Invited Talk at PHHQP conference.

Invited talk at the PHHQP conference at Koc University on July 2, 2013.


Invited Talk at APS meeting.

Invited talk Q5.00001 at the April meeting of the American Physical Society in Denver, Colorado.


Tenure decision.

Ulrich has been granted tenure and promoted to Associate Professor. Finally.


Three entangled photons from QED.

A paper on triple Compton scattering (generation of high-energy entangled photons) has been published.


General Relativity and Relativistic Quantum Mechanics.

A paper on the Dirac equation in curved space-time, and antimatter has been accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. A.


Distinguished Guest Scientist of the Academy Institute in Debrecen, Hungary.

In an interview with the Hungarian Academy, Ulrich tried to argue for the role of science in society.


Quantum Physics with Non-Hermitian Operators.

A paper on the tachyonic Dirac equation has been published in a special issue of J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. on non-Hermitian quantum dynamics.


Triplet States in Helium and g Factor.

A paper on the quantum electrodynamic corrections to the g factor of helium triplet states has been published in Physical Review A.


Physical Review Letter.

A paper triple Compton scattering has been published; it constitutes a theoretical verification of an experiment for which no theory has been available for more than 40 years.


Physical Review Letter.

A paper has been published on drag forces experienced by atoms in interstellar space.


Neutrino Physics Paper.

A paper on neutrinoless double beta decay has been accepted for publication in a particle physics journal.


Faculty Excellence Award.

An award has been received to honour continued excellence in teaching and research.


NSF Grant.

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant entitled "Advanced Computational Physics in Atomic and Laser Science".


Research Paper.

A paper about higher-order corrections to the muonic hydrogen spectrum has appeared in Physical Review A. These include radiative-recoil effects.


Collaboration with NIST.

The 150th publication of the group has appeared in print. The paper results from a collaboration with the National Institute of Standards and Technology and treats blackbody radiation corrections to the dynamic polarizability of helium.


Matter 'n Motion.

The 2011 newletters of the faculty is out and may be downloaded.


PRL Title Page.

An article about novel states of the radiation field has appeared on the title page of Physical Review Letters.


PRA Editorial Advisory Board.

As of 01-JAN-2011, Ulrich Jentschura has been appointed as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Physical Review A (term 2011-2013).


Faculty Research Award.

Ulrich Jentschura receives a faculty research award of Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Schaerer Prize.

Benedikt Wundt has been awarded the Schaerer Prize 2010 by the physics faculty of Missouri S&T for the most interesting graduate research project.


Outstanding Referee Certificate.

Ulrich Jentschura has been awarded an Outstanding Referee Certificate by the American Physical Society.

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