Research topic

We provide scientific and engineering information and theories for the explanation of the nature of the world.

Degradation in Energy Storage Systems:

In this topic, we are addressing problems related to battery safety and longevity by considering mechanial, chemical, thermal degradations, and their couplings. The goal of this topic is developing more robust battery systems.


Life Prediction for Energy Storage Systems:

We are developing prediction tools for life and performance of energy storage systems, so we can use them to optimize and control the energy storage systems.


Nanostructured Electrodes:

We are developing new electrode systems based on nanostructures, so we can generate high power and high energy density systems.


Multiscale/Multiphysics Modeling:

We are working on multiscal/multiphysics modelings, so we are able to understand the physical phenomena much better


Self-Assembly of Nanoparticles:

We are working on how to generate target structures via self-assembly process, so we can have benefits from the bottom-up processes.


Nano-/Micro-Mechanics of Materials:

We are working on understanding and utilizing nano/microscale behivior of a system, so we can improve its given function.