Dams of California

O'Shaughnessy Dam across the Tuolumne River was contructed by the City of San Francisco in two steps, between 1919-23
and was heightened between 1935-38.  Sierra Club founder John Muir fought valiantly against the dam, which flooded the
Hetch Hetchy Valley, known as the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne.  Though flooded, the area is almost completely devoid of
tourists because San Francisco maintains tight control of the reservoir area, which bounds Yosemite National Park.

-Dams and Disasters: A Brief Overview of Dam
Building Triumphs and Tragedies In California's Past

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-Dam Safety Legislation In California (1915 - present)
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-St. Francis Dam Failure (1928)

-The Case For Removing Matilija Dam

Failure of the 207 feet high Auburn Cofferdam on the American River on
February 18, 1986, when 100,000 cubic feet per second was pouring downstream.
Folsom Dam began spilling 130,000 cfs to prevent its being overtopped and this
flow overwhelmed the levees downstream of Folsom and Nimbus Dams.

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