China University of Petroleum China University of Geosciences New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology U.S.Geological Survey Missouri University of Science and Technology Dr. Mingzhen Wei
 Dr. Mingzhen Wei   Assistant Professor   Dr. Wei has been working on unconventional resources and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) using laboratory experiments, numerical simulations, statistical, and artificial intelligence methods.
 Dr. Baojun Bai   Endowsed Chair Professor   Dr. Bai is a worldwide top expert on enhanced oil recovery, especially in chemical EOR areas.
Dr. He's photo  Dr. He   Associate Professor   Dr. He is an expert in finite difference method, finite element method in solving diffusivity equations for fluid flow in porous media. Dr. He is from Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Missouri S&T.

EOR and EOR Data Group

Saleh Dao Laila's picture Dr. Laila Dao Saleh  Dr. Laila Dao Saleh was from Tripoli city of Libya. She obtained her bachelor and master degrees from University of Tripoli in 1998 and 2006. She obtained her Ph.D. from Petroleum Engineering at Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2014.She worked on polymer flooding projects in lab, pilot tests, and field applications, did comprehensive comparisons among the applicability of different polymer types.
Dr. Munqith Aldhaheri  Dr. Munqith Aldhaheri was born the 1st of January 1980, in Missan, Iraq. He received BSc and MSc degrees in Petroleum Engineering from University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq in 2001 and 2006. He served as a petroleum engineer in Missan Oil Company for seven years. He was granted a PhD scholarship by the Higher Committee for Education Development in Iraq in 2009. He received a Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO, in May, 2017. He developed a system to identify the most effective gel system for the purpose of water production control using data mining techniques. Currently, he is serving as a reservoir management senior engineer at Missan Oil Company and he is adjunct lecturer in petroleum engineering department at Misan University.
Na Zhang (PhD Student) Na Zhang received her dual Bachelor of Science degrees from Missouri S&T and China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in May, 2013. Then, she continued her study in Missouri S&T, and earned her Master’s degree in Petroleum Engineering in December, 2015. Na is currently a Ph.D. student in Petroleum Engineering at the EOR Data Group at Missouri S&T, and her research interests include analyzing project data collected for EOR techniques, especially in steam flooding and CO2 flooding.
Yandong Zhang (PhD Student) Yandong Zhang is a PhD student at Missouri S&T majoring in petroleum engineering. His research interests include EOR methods, especially polymer flooding, data science and micro/nano-fluidics. Zhang holds BS degree in geological engineering from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) and MS degree in petroleum engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Hama Mariwan's photo Hama Mariwan Hama Mariwan graduated from Petroleum Engineering in May, 2013. His research topic was titled as Data Analysis of Thermal Flooding EOR Field Projects.
Minfei Yin's photo Minfei Yin Minfei Yin graduated from Petroleum Engineering in May, 2015. His research topic was titled as Data Analysis of CO2 Miscible Flooding EOR Projects.
Ariani Nadia's photo Ariani Nadia Ariani Nadia is a current master student. Her research direction is titled as Survey and analysis of low salinity water flooding projects.
Zhuxing Cheng's photo Zhuxing Cheng Zhuxing Chen graduated from Petroleum Engineering in May, 2017. His research direction was titled as Survey and data analysis of weak gel treatments in injection wells.
Jingyi Liao's photo Jingyi Liao Jingyi Liao graduated from Petroleum Engineering in December 2014. Her research was titled as Data Analysis of Gel Treatments in Production Wells. She is working with Thomson Reuters.

Simulation Group

Chaohua Guo's photo Dr. Chaohua Guo Dr. Guo graduated from Petroleum Engineering, Missouri S&T in December, 2015. His research focused on flow mechanism study in shale gas reservoirs using reservoir simulation, well testing, and production analyses. Dr. Guo is currently working in China University of Geosciences, Wuhan, China.
Dheiaa Alfarge's photo Dheiaa Alfarge Dheiaa Alfarge is currently a PhD student. His research direction is about the applicability of CO2 in shale and tight oil reservoirs.
Jianqiao Leng's photo Jianqiao Leng Jianqiao Leng is currently a PhD student and his research direction is to improve model representations of polymer & gel systems in various situations for better prediction of their effectiveness.
Jiaqi Wang's photo Jiaqi Wang Jiaqi Wang graduated from Petroleum Engineering, Missouri S&T in May, 2014. His research topic was titled as Studies of influencing factors for shale gas reservoir performance.