Survivability of Autonomous Vehicles

Survivability Overview

Our Goal

The Survivability project aims to create qualitative and quantitative models for the survivability of autonomous vehicles under faults and well correlated failures. This involves the investigation of autonomous vehicle vulnerabilities, which provides the prioritization of attacks based on their probability of success. The insights gained from this experimentation will help fortify the platform against future attacks through criticality analysis, with the goal of increasing survivability.

Project Overview

Perform qualitative survivability analysis of autonomous vehicles communicating with other autonomous vehicles and the intelligent transportation system. This is done by performing two analyses:
  • AV Vulnerability Analysis
    • Attacks are prioritized by their probability of success and inform quantitative survivability models.
  • Component Importance Analysis
    • Increases the survivability of the AV system through individual component security hardening and defense in depth.


  • Justin King - CISSP, PhD Student
  • Curtis Brinker - Accelerated Master's Student
  • Anna Muecke - Undergraduate Scholar
  • Ellie Jackson - Undergraduate Scholar
  • Ryan Brothers - Undergraduate Scholar


This repository is the main repository for the project. This repository is not open to the public.