Solid Earth Geophysics Data Centers and Databases


Near real-time Earthquake list (USGS)
USGS moment tensor database (1977 - present)
Global Earthquake Catalog Search (ANSS)
Global Earthquake Catalog Search (USGS/NEIC)
Historical Earthquake Catalog Search (NOAA)

Other Geophysical Data

Seismic network codes
IRIS Data Request Status
IRIS Data Request Mail Queue
Shear-wave splitting database
IRIS Earth Models
IRIS station search (SeismiQuery)
Northern California Data Center
Northern California Data Center PBO Strain Data
GEOSCOPE Seismic data
National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA)
National Geomagnetic Information Center
National Landslide Information Center
The National Map Data (elevation, roads etc.)
USGS Mineral Resources etc. Spatial Data
National Imagery and mapping Agency
North American Highway systems etc.
Global volcano database from NOAA

Handy hands


Funding Agencies

AGU Manuscript status

IRIS data request (BREQ_FAST) status

Undergraduate summer internship

Steve's routes of migration and the GMT code that generated the maps

Steve's routes of migration in the U.S. Since 1989

Student Evaluations for Courses that I Previously Taught

Geophysics-1980 HomePage

Yahoo! Maps and driving directions

Computer hardware

Web Construction Materials

Sun Freeware

Computer software