Missouri S&T ranks high in undergraduate starting salary

$57,300 per year which is among the top 30 in the nation and top 3 in the Midwest US
(higher than Yale and UC Berkeley ;)

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There is a shortage of geoscientists in the US and the world

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entitled "Who will fill the Geoscience Workforce Supply Gap?"

Salary Surveys of Geologists and Geophysicists

1. US Department of Labor
"In 2007, the Federal Government's average salary was $87,392 for geologists, $100,585 for geophysicists, and $93,461 for oceanographers."
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2. American Geophysical Union and American Geological Institute
"In 2007, the starting salary for geoscientists with a masters degree is $81,300 for those working in the oil and gas industry"
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3. American Association of Petroleum Geologists
"In 2008, the starting salary for geoscientists is $73,300 for those with a BS, $86,600 for those with a MS, and $95,000 for those with a PhD. For those with 10-14 years of experience, the average salaries are: $102,000 (BS), $120,000 (MS), and $155,000 (PhD)"
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For comparison -- Average annual wages from US Department of Labor survey of all occupations (2008):

Biological Scientists: $68,030
Geographers: $66,830
Chemists: $71,070
Geologists: $89,300
Physicists: $106,440
Chemical Engineers: $88,760
Civil Engineers: $78,560
Computer Software engineers: $87,900
Computer programmers: $73,470
Electrical Engineers: $85,350
Environmental Engineers: $77,970
Material Engineers: $84,200
Mechanical Engineers: $78,200
Mining and Geological Engineers: $79,910
Nuclear Engineers: $99,750
Petroleum Engineers: $119,140
Surgeons: $206,770
Preschool teachers: $26,610
All occupations: $42,270
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