ERP SAP Live Simulation Competition

You are invited to participate in the final ERP/SAP Simulation Game scheduled from 11:00 am to 2 pm on Thursday, April 23, in the lobby of the Heavener Center. Please come and see how our ERP students from ERP 446 ERP Configuration and IST390 Undergraduate Research put the knowledge they learned from their classes into action in their final ERP SAP Simulation Game. Five of six companies are virtual companies formed by both on-campus students and distance students who leveraged information technology to faciliate team communication and company operations. Comments from an Accenture Consulting VP and a Monsanto Co. VP are that the experience from this simulation game is worth at least 6 months, if not more, of SAP real-world consulting experience.

The public may interact with the simulation game by investing simulation money in one of the six simulated companies as described below:

The event agenda is provided below:

10:30 am - 11:00 am: Simulation Setup

10:45 pm– Open public trading for investors (simulation money will be provided to public investors)

11:00 am - Start the live simulation game

1:30 pm - Public investment closed

2:00 pm – Close simulation game and announce the company with the highest quarter profit.

2:15 pm to 2:30 pm - Prize drawing and winners announced. The prizes include a mp3 player and flash drives.


You are able to follow the simulation competition via virtual meeting link provided below:
Topic: ERP SAP Live Simulation Competition
Date: Thursday, April 23, 2009
Starting Time: 10:45 am, Central Standard Time
Meeting link:
Meeting Number: 554 615 669
Meeting Password: erperp

The Missouri Enterprise Resource Planning is unique in that it is technology based, combining business and technology in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) environment. It is our goal that our ERP students understand how to leverage the information technology to integrate knowledge from different disciplinary areas to achieve a competitive advantage. The ERP SAP Simulation Game is used as one of many means to accomplish this goal as well as give students hands-on experience in operating a company. Our ERP students integrates knowledge learned from accounting, finance, operations, economics, marketing and management to evaluate market fluctuations, consumer behavior and market reactions as they manage the end-to-end production of various products from purchasing raw materials to choosing the distribution channel. To make a profit, student teams formed from two different classes (graduate students from ERP446 and undergraduate students from IST390) have to understand how to leverage the information technology to achieve a competitive advantage against the other teams.Current performance from the six students companies are provided below:

Quarter Profit Rankings
Management Report Current Financial Statement Company Executives
Team A -
6 not ranked* view View current financial statement Santosh Addagalla
Velmurugan Annamalai
Shanky Bhandari
Chaitanya Deshmukh
Amol Navare
Anoop Thanjavur Ramamurthi
Team B -Yummy muesli
5 not ranked* view View current financial statement Vikram Annambhotla
Nagarajan Badrinath
Laukik Bhandari
Pandu Ranga Rao Mutyala
Aaron Reno
Aparna Sukhavasi
Team C - Spitzenreiter Muesli
not ranked*
3 not ranked* view View current financial statement Aishvarya Choudhary
Ajay Das
Sunan Gu
Praveen Patelkhana
Deepak Vajapeyajula
Team D - Koln Muesli AG
4 1 view View current financial statement Sreehari Chandran
Jason Durbin
Nitsawan Katerattanakul
Ammar Masoud
Hao Zhang
Team E - Frankfurt Muesli
not ranked*
1 3 view View current financial statement Ameya Ambardekar
Shriram Gadekar
Venkata Guttikonda
Vandana Merani
Dheeraj Muku
Jyoti Pathak
Team F (IST390) - Nut Crunch
2 2 view View current financial statement Keith Homco
Joseph Pieczynski
Pamela Ryder
Carl Schmitz

* Not ranked due to the number of operational errors (incorrect transaction executions) observed in each team during the Q3 or Q5 live simulation runs.

Please contact Dr. Bih-Ru Lea or visit for more simulation game information or for the ERP rogram.

The event is sponsored by Department of Business & Information Technology