Norbert H. Maerz
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N. H. Maerz, Ph.D., P. Eng.

Director Emeritus of the Rock Mechanics and Explosives Research Center,

Founder of the Geotechnics Online Certificate and Master's Program,

Professor Emeritus of Geological Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology


Imaging technologies for the mining, blasting, and materials handling industries.
Aggregate size and shape measurement.
Rock engineering in discontinuous rock masses.
Joint characterization.
Rock mass classification.
Rock slope stability.
Road pavement analysis.
Terrestrial LIDAR scanning.
Mine Safety

Research Offerings:

Imaging applications: Granular materials and rock.
Imaging applications: Tunnel profilometry, rock roughness measurement.
Imaging applications: Material characterization, industrial inspection.
Rock characterization: Rock mass classification, joint mapping, block size, pre and post blast assessment.
Data collection: Efficiency, safety, minimal intrusiveness.
Improving links between data collection and modeling.
Large sample data collection, reduction, analysis, and  presentation; digital data structures.
Investigation of joint genesis.
LIDAR Applications: Rock raveling.
LIDAR Applications: Joint orientation.
LIDAR Applications: Bridge deflection.
LIDAR Applications: Perishable data.
LIDAR Applications: As built geometry.
LIDAR Applications: Dangerous spaces.
LIDAR Applications: Landslide subsurface movement monitoring.
LIDAR Applications: Mapping caverns.
LIDAR Applications: Sub mm change detection.
LIDAR Aplications: Underground mine safety.