GE 5441 - Engineering Geology And Geotechnics


Course Materials:

Online Class Lectures

Lecture 1 - Weathering

Hales Bar Dam

Lecture 2 - Expansive Soils

Lecture 3 - Consolidation and Hydrocompression

Lecture 4 - Rock Mechanics

Lecture 5 - Slope Stability and Landsliding

Lecture 6 - Fluvial Processes



Sample Reports

-Report of Construction Observation & Compaction Testing Services
-Final Walk Through Report
-Geotechnical Foundation Investigation

-Post Tension Slab Recommendations
-Recommendations for IBC Seismic Load Factors
-Recommendations for Slabs On Grade
-Recommended Earth Pressures on Retaining Walls
-Site Visit Memorandum
-Subgrade Prep Beneath Slabs

Sample Proposals

-Construction Observation and Testing - Rock Fill Job
-Foundation Investigation - Single Family Residence
-Geotech Services During Grading
-Observation and Testing - Slide Repair

-Proposal - Pavement Design
-Proposal - PlanReview - COTServices
-Removal of Buried Fuel Tanks
-Supplemental Subsurface Investigation

-Complex Landslide Proposal


Reference Information
New Madrid Seismic Zone

-Reelfoot - An Earthquake Lake
(From Jan, 1923 National Geographic Magazine)

-Hickman, KY 1:24k Topographic Quadrangle Map
(click image to download full-sized map)

-Hickman, KY - Geologic Map
(Click HERE for the LEGEND)

-Hickman, KY Area Landslide Map

Fuller Maps
-Map of Earthquake Features of The New Madrid District (1911)

Saucier Geologic Map
-Map of Charleston, MO area (1994)
-Map Legend

Geology of the Chaffee, Scott City, Thebes, Oran, And Morley Quadrangles, MO

Air photo of Hickman, KY taken in 1923
showing the Mississippi River next to the town.


-Excerpt from Floods of December 1982 to May 1983 in the Central
and Southern Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico Basins

-Rock Quality Designation (RQD)
-The Rock Quality Designation (RQD) in Practice
-Technical Description of Rock Cores for Engineering Purposes
-Lab Assignment: Logging Rock Core and Determination of Rock Quality Index (RQD)

-Rock Mass Rating

-Notes on Rockbolting
(Click Here For MS-Word Format)

-Hydrocompression And Hydroswell - New Terms In The Geotechnical Dictionary

-Disappearing Practice Opportunities for Engineering Geologists
-PowerPoint Slides

-SCIENCE vs. ADVOCACY: The Reviewer's Role to Protect the Public Interest

-Taking Engineering By Storm
(Excellent article in winter 2004 issue of The Bent, a publication of Tau Beta Pi on
the 1913 Dayton, OH flood and the stablishment of the Miami Conservancy District)


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