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Contact Information
Missouri University of Science and Technology (Lead Institution)
Dr. S.N. Balakrishnan, Director
NASA-Missouri Space Grant Consortium
NASA-EPSCoR Missouri
Curators' Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering
Dr. Stephen Haug, Program Manager
NASA-Missouri Space Grant Consortium
NASA-EPSCoR Missouri

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology
271 Toomey Hall
400 West 13th Street
Rolla, MO 65409

Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology
137 Toomey Hall
400 West 13th Street
Rolla, MO 65409

Phone: 573-341-4675
FAX: 573-341-4607
email: bala@mst.edu
FAX: 573-341-4607
email: sbhaug@mst.edu
University of Missouri - Columbia
Dr. Frank Z. Feng
Professor of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of Missouri-Columbia
E2403 Engineering Building East
Columbia, MO 65211

Phone: 573-884-4624
FAX: 573-884-4801
email: fengf@missouri.edu
University of Missouri - St. Louis
Dr. Bruce A. Wilking
Professor of Astronomy and Associate Chairperson
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Missouri-St. Louis
503D Benton Hall
8001 Natural Bridge Road
St. Louis, MO 63121
Phone: 314-516-5023
FAX: 314-516-6152
email: bwilking@umsl.edu
Missouri State University
Dr. Michael Reed
Professor of Astronomy
Department of Physics, Astronomy and Materials Science
Missouri State University
901 South National
Springfield, MO 65804
Phone: 417-836-5131
FAX: 417-836-6226
email: mreed@missouristate.edu
Washington University in St. Louis
Dr. Ramesh K. Agarwal
William Palm Professor of Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering and Material Science
Washington University in St. Louis
Campus Box 1185
One Brooking Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130
Phone: 314-935-6091
FAX: 314-935-4014
email: rka@wustl.edu
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Dr. Daniel H. McIntosh
Norman Royall Distinguished Professor
Department of Physics & Astronomy
University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC)
Robert H. Flarsheim Hall 250M
5110 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110
Phone: 816-235-5324
FAX: 816-235-5221
email: mcintoshdh@umkc.edu
website: UMKC Profile
UMKC Galaxy Evolution Group
Lincoln University
Dr. Majed Dweik
Assistant Professor
Cooperative Research, Life, and Physical Sciences
Director for Center of Nanotechnology
Councilor-at-Large for the Institute of Biological Engineering
Lincoln University of Missouri
Room 234 Founders Hall
816 Chestnut St
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-681-5134
FAX: 573-681-5944
e-mail: dweikm@lincolnu.edu
Skype: majed.dweik1
website: Lincoln Univ. Profile
Associate Contacts
Challenger Learning Center
Ms. Tasmyn Scarl Front
Challenger Learning Center-St. Louis
205 Brotherton Lane
Ferguson, MO 63135
Phone: 314-524-3490 x101
FAX: 314-524-3764
e-mail: tasmyn@clcstlouis.org
website: www.clcstlouis.org
St. Louis University
Dr. Michael A. Swartwout
Associate Professor and Chairman
Vasit Sagan
Assistant Professor of Remote Sensing

Department of Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering
Parks College of Engineering, Aviation & Technology
St. Louis University
McDonnell Douglas Hall 1017
3450 Lindell Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63103

Center for Sustainability
St. Louis University
3694 West Pine Mall
St. Louis, MO 63108

Phone: 314-977-8214
FAX: 314-977-9510
email: mswartwo@slu.edu
Phone: 314-977-3608
email: awulamu@slu.edu
email: sustainability@slu.edu
website: SLU Sustainability
website: Remote Sensing Lab
Truman State University
Dr. Vayujeet Gokhale
Associate Professor of Physics
Department of Physics
Truman State University
100 East Normal
Kirksville, MO 63501
Phone: 660-785-4594
FAX: 660-785-4045
e-mail: gokhale@truman.org
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